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life and faith

Basking in the afterglow

 I wasn’t ready for Christmas, despite every good intention, a beautiful book list, devotions to dive into and expectations high during Advent. Presents were wrapped, all was ready on the surface, family had arrived and my husband had the catering in hand. I was as rested as I could be …
life and faith

Between Narnia and Nativity

Winter isn’t for wimps. It’s prime time for hibernation. It’s weighty heaviness can steal joy right out of weary hearts. Fog-leaden and snow-laden lands lead to low moods for many. Misted breath and frosty fingers steal in, seep through the window pane and wrap themselves around my brain. I succumb …
life and faith

Awakening to purpose

Mary heavy with child and the strain of labour. Feeling it in every fibre of her being. Preparing herself to birth our Saviour. Carrying a weight of wonder in mind and body. Caught up in a purpose beyond herself, stretching into the reaches of heaven and eternity. Pregnant with possibility. …
life and faith

Out of darkness

A child develops in darkness. Entombed in the womb. Cushioned and cradled within its comfortable confines. They grow toward the day when they will emerge, blinking, into the light. Stretch tenuous fingers toward all that awaits to embrace them. At a point in time they will draw in air, breathe …
life and faith

Awakening to wonder

It was 2 am according to the clock. Insomnia was stealing sleep as usual. I lay quietly thinking, alternately restlessly wriggling and praying. A few words whispered their way into my head. Became embedded in the place where poetry is birthed. And as I mulled over them I thought back (via my …

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