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five minute friday

A learning curve

There are weary ¬†days where energy is low, inspiration seems to disappear and I feel empty of words, drained and dry. Time and effort are being expended elsewhere and there seems to be nothing to spare. Then a thought or two enters my head and I mull them around in …
life and faith

When creativity lies dormant

Words sing in my spirit, seeking their exit. Ready to explode upon the page. I hug some close, for now is not their time. They must lie dormant and wait a while. A poetry anthology (or 2) sit on the back-burner, simmering slow. A set of prayer whispers and devotional …
life and faith

Painting beauty with ashes

I sat on the bed, desultorily dusting the few objects I could cope with while my energetic friend breezed her way around the room, almost knocking things over in her enthusiasm to get the job done. Our soul conversation more than made up for any lack of application on my …