Surrendering to patience

I feel ill-equipped to write about patience, considering I have so little of it.

But I do know how much patience is a great teacher.

In the learning of it I’ve seen into the unsavoury depths of my insufficient soul.

Bitten back bitter tears of shame and regret. Seen how deficient I am in it.

Looked rather enviously at my naturally patient husband whose usual demeanour is steadiness, whereas mine is to list this way and that with my emotions.

I would be in a rocky place indeed without the solid Rock of Christ to lean on Click To Tweet

Maybe my despair over gaining patience is because I find myself most impatient with those I love the most.

Our nearest and dearest can bring out the worst in us as well as calling forth the best.

Can I only be kind, generous, understanding, patient and forgiving with strangers?

Sadly, sometimes it appears so. A little distance helps.

But my beloved sees me at close quarters, knows all the triggers, senses how I may react and, Christ-like, he loves me anyway.

Yes, tetchy-tired as I often am, despondent and dependent, gloomy and grumpy some days.

I want to be patient, I really do. God is working on it, trust me.

I’ve prayed for patience, hoping it would supernaturally fall on me like a velvety cloak.

However, trials and testing abounded, situations arose fit to test the patience of a saint, challenging circumstances made me feel like I was imploding or about to explode.

But then there is grace, vast oceans of it where I swim with sweet gratitude and relief Click To Tweet

I mess up continually but God hasn’t finished with me, nor with you either, works in progress as we are.

No doubt patience will have her way with us one way or another.

patience blooming in us WoJ pinAnd as we surrender to Holy Spirit’s work within, patience will bloom in us when we least expect it to, releasing a sweet perfume others can sense even if we don’t know it’s there.

In my life, she seems to have morphed into her sister endurance over long years, especially while coping with chronic illness.

Patience lays dormant as expectant seed within, ready to become fruitful, if I let it Click To Tweet

I am slowly learning to wait with better grace, sit still with less resistance, remain rested and rooted in the Vine without resorting to frustration.

And I’m glad I’m no expert in patience, because if I was a skilled practitioner of the art I’d have nothing to offer you here except smugness, and that’s another flaw waiting to be explored on another day.

Am I alone with this problem or do you sometimes struggle with impatience as well? If so, how do you overcome it and how are you learning to become more patient?

Please feel free to share your story in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Surrendering to patience”

  1. You’re definitely not alone with the problem of impatience, Joy. I’m going through a trying time lately. “But then there is grace, vast oceans of it where I swim with sweet gratitude and relief.” Ah, precious grace, so unlimited and unfathomable. I want to jump into it and swim, letting it soak in… Blessings and hugs to you!

    1. Although I’m grateful for your company,Trudy, I’d rather you didn’t struggle in this area too. How thankful we are though for God’s vast oceans of grace! I also want to “jump into it and swim, letting it soak in” as I rest my impatient soul in Him. I’ll see you there, my friend, and out the other side where we’ll begin to live more patiently with our testing and trials, illness and weaknesses. Blessings and hugs returned to you!

  2. Patience is a virtue. Words that I have heard since I was a child. It is a virtue I am sorely lacking somedays. You are right that it manifests itself most with those we are closest too. Thank goodness for God’s grace that meets us right where we are and takes the ugliness out of our circumstances and replaces it with beauty. God is good to share this gift with us. Thank you for your beautiful words.

    1. Mary, I feel that life is a huge testing ground for patience in particular, and many of us struggle in this area. Praise God for His grace in taking “the ugliness out of our circumstances” as you say, and bringing beauty out of the ashes of our lives! Thank you for always adding beautifully to the conversation here. Bless you, friend.

  3. I would never learn to be patient without trials
    nor would I know about “oceans of grace”
    and serene rest under the mantle of patience
    that settles only from giving God space
    I have learned I can choose to gentle and loving
    or I can grumble , scratch, fuss or bite
    but I ‘d rather be quiet and forbearing
    kind , forgiving and calm in His sight

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