Singing the blues

Here in the UK we seem to have an endless fascination with the weather.

Which way is the wind blowing? Will or won’t it rain?

Do I need a brolly? Better carry one just in case.

It’s a great conversation opener and very much the topic du jour.

On a day when we’ve had sheeting rain, clear blue skies and everything in-between it feels apt to be writing on the topic of ‘Blue’ for today’s Five Minute Friday exercise.


Life is threaded through with colour and hues that offer our eyes a different view.

There are so many days that shade neutral pale, indistinct amidst the gloom.

Interminable as sheeting rain cascading down our windowpane.

I find myself blazing angry-red, firing hot with searing heat and temper rays

or surging strong into orange with surprising energy on better M.E days.

Many are spent in a dark, black tent of pain or grey-fog

swirls of cognitive loss and discouragement.

The days I lean toward, the ones I prefer above all other are the royal purple patterned,

the sunny yellows and the glades of green, the calm of blue seen in heaven’s canopy.

Aaahh, blue…

Blue is a bold rise of turquoise, a soft scene of aquamarine, a steal

of teal, a crisp, bright bolt of cobalt or a mellow azure light.

Blue means rest, coming apart to be a part of the calm of God’s heart.

Blue means sweet soul-ease, still pools of peace to dip fretful toes into.

Blue signals less stress, less worry and hurry, expansive skies and less heart-sad cries.

Blue is contentment of warm sunny spells and a daily cloud-gift of God saying all is well.

Blue is indigo deep, mystical and magical as night softly creeps.

I won’t let myself sink into ‘the blues’ today but appreciate

the nuances at play in the varied hues as they come my way.


Well that was fun! It’s good to write something less deep for a change.

Do stop by at Kate’s place and check out the what other writers have to say about ‘blue’. Who knows, you may be tempted to join in too.

8 thoughts on “Singing the blues”

  1. Beautiful images here, Joy! I know about that cloudy fog of ME. Tough, tough days. But the blue skies (too rare in the UK, I agree) would always energise me, in heart if not in limb. Praying for more of that life and strength your way today.

    1. Ruth, I wish you didn't know about "that cloudy fog of ME" because it's a tough thing to have to deal with. But I'm glad you are also heartened by the blue skies and seeing hope wrapped up in daily grace glimmers. I really appreciate your prayers in this season of rest and recuperation from relapse, and I'm also praying for you to be strengthened and energised by God's sustaining and healing grace. Thank you so much for spending some of your precious energy to stop by here. Bless you, friend. 🙂 x

  2. your words here are pure art . . . Blue was my mother's favorite color.
    i found reading your words to give me a few moments here this afternoon of peace, contentment, joy. Such artistry with words. thank you for this.

    1. Hi Carol. It's lovely to see you here! My mother was fond of blue too and it certainly suited her deep indigo-blue eyes which I sadly failed to inherit. I'm so pleased you found something to soothe you as you dipped into these words. God bless you, friend. 🙂 x

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