shaping: growing into all we are becoming by God’s grace

During seasons of rest and stillness, it’s tempting to think nothing much happens. However, God uses these times as periods for growth, honing our souls, shaping us into greater Christ-likeness.

Although we may not yet be fully fledged works of art, we are works in progress, not left gathering dust on the shelf. Even as our Master Craftsman wields His instruments, we may resent the strokes that are creating art and beauty from our hardened clay. Until we learn to yield, become softened, malleable to His tender touch.

Although we may not yet be fully fledged works of art, we are works in progress by God's grace Click To Tweet

It’s been a struggle for me to sit with stillness over the last few weeks, surrendering to deeper rest. My busy brain and restless soul have taken time to settle down and go with the flow of God’s unforced rhythms of grace, instead of my usual hassle and haste.

The refining, shaping process can feel uncomfortable. I’ve discovered I’m not as pliable or surrendered as I thought I was. There’s a degree of resistance, rough edges within needing to be sanded and smoothed.

The soul refining process God initiates can feel uncomfortable to us Click To Tweet

Sometimes the thought of all the work God needs to complete in us makes us despair. Because we can forget that cracked, broken vessels need shaping, to go through fires of adversity to be made fit for a holy purpose we can’t yet see.

We forget that broken vessels need to go through fires of adversity to be made fit for holy purpose Click To Tweet

Prayer Whisper: ‘Unveiling’

“As a sculptor works diligently on resistant stone, so I am sculpting a thing of beauty from the granite hardness of your soul, replacing a heart of stone with a heart of flesh, making all things new. Each hammer and chip, every chisel and blade is refining your heart and mind.

I see all you are becoming. My eyes have the end view in sight, even as I work on all that you are now. Days of patient toil, little by little, are transforming you from the inside out. Remember you are safe in the Master Craftsman’s hands.

Yield yourself to the process. Accept the pierce of My word, the fires of adversity where I hone you to perfection. Enlarge your vision to include all you will become by My grace. Do not resist My hand on your life or run away from the loving correction I offer you..”


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May God shower abundant blessings on you. With love and prayers. Resting in His grace, Joy xo 

12 thoughts on “shaping: growing into all we are becoming by God’s grace”

  1. Joy, I like the idea of God’s whispers…the voice of the Holy Spirit to your spirit. So true–when we can’t see anything, we think nothing’s happening. But we are part of an invisible kingdom–I needed this reminder.
    (hope things cool off soon. we have friends who just returned to Seattle from a visit to Germany and they said it was in the 90’s–whew!)

    1. Jody, you’re right. Prayer Whispers is the name I use for Holy Spirit’s messages to my soul. They come so gently and I have to lean in hard to listen attentively, hence the whispers! I’m so pleased this post resonated with you, my friend. And we are due to have some cooler weather coming soon (hooray!) before the temperature rises again. It’s been around 85 degrees fahrenheit today, which is plenty hot enough for me! I don’t do too well with humidity either, so shade (indoor or outer) is definitely my friend when it gets too hot for comfort. 🙂 xo

    1. Hi Gayl, thank you for reading here and for letting me know you popped over to the ACW site. I’ve just answered your lovely comment! Blessings and love to you, sweet friend. xoxo

  2. Dear Joy,
    Thank you for sharing with us from the midst of your resting place. Your words strike such a chord of agreement in my heart. I’ve so needed to still my thoughts and listen to His Prayer Whispers again. I’m heading over to the ACW now. xoxo

    1. Dear Bettie, I’m discovering that in the “midst of my resting place” words are not coming to me with quite the same ease as before, but I’m always grateful when they do arrive and I can share them here. And I’m even more thankful when they resonate with those who read them! Bless you for being here and for popping over to the ACW site as well. It’s so lovely to hear from you again, sweet friend! xoxo

  3. The refining process makes us who we are but I am known to resist that which I need the most. God designed us to be works in progress and my best will come when I surrender. I appreciate your beautiful words. There is so much to be gained when we let God be the Craftsman. Love and hugs to you.

    1. Dear Mary, I can truly relate to your words. How hard it is to yield and how easy it can be to resist God’s hand on our lives! Amen to this: “There is so much to be gained when we let God be the Craftsman.” Blessings, love and hugs to you, my friend. I’m so pleased you stopped by! xo <3

    1. Hi Valerie, it’s so good to see you here, my friend! I’m slowly flexing my writer muscles again, feeling thankful they haven’t atrophied as much as my real muscles have. 🙂 My belated newsletter is imminent as well. This season of rest continues but I am glad to reconnect with you after the last few weeks of radio silence from me! Blessings and love. xo <3

    1. Dear June, you are right to say “enduring” here, because there are days and times when resting (or attempting to rest) can make me feel so restless! My spirit doesn’t always yield and surrender as well or as graciously as it should do. Your prayer is just what I need at this stage, sweet friend. May it be so, Lord! Blessings and love to you. xo <3

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