Sabbath rest

Reassurance about rest

Resting sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just a sitting down, a stepping back, a laying aside for  a while. Sorted.

But in reality? Most of us struggle to rest fully or properly.

Our bodies may be stilled but our minds spin crazy like hamsters on a wheel Click To Tweet

Leaning how to rest more in God has been a year-long battle for me.

Living with M.E means that physical stillness and rest are essential. But achieving inner rest is far harder.

So I’ve been attempting to still my soul with centering prayer, meditation and contemplation as a way of focussing more on God than on myself.

And during a time of prayer I received these words about rest which helped me to gain a fresh perspective:

a stilling of the soul - prayer whisper

Reassurance about rest ~ Prayer Whisper

“Rest isn’t an emotion or a feeling, though at times it will seep into your mind. But the kind of rest I offer you is one that sinks into your spirit and lingers.

It’s a turning to Me, a continual attitude of trust no matter what your circumstances may be.

It’s a gift of grace which will bring inner peace and Holy Spirit ease to accomplish all I call you to do.

it’s an understanding which frees you to live close to Me because there’s no other place you’d rather be.

It’s knowing Me as a loving, caring Father who always has your best interests at heart.

The more you lean on Me, the more you will be held secure in every way because I created you to live in dependence on Me.

Your greatest and deepest joy will be in receiving My rest as it permeates every aspect of your life. You will grow more aware of My Presence continually watching over you like a mother hen.

You will have strength and equipping for everything. You will have deep inner peace that remains. Your whole life, memories, past, present and future will be safe in My hands.

I know everything about you, My child. You can rest in My infinite love, tender compassion, unlimited mercy, forgiveness and grace.

It’s all I’ve ever wanted to give you.

Come and rest with Me. Pour out your fears and tears. Allow Me to soothe them all Click To Tweet

To hold you close and whisper words to help and heal.

Come now..”

And this, on day 11 of #write31days with #fiveminutefreewrites (see more here), as I also join with Barbie for Weekend Whispers, is my answering prayer..

reassurance about rest prayer

12 thoughts on “Reassurance about rest”

  1. My heart needed this today. I battle fatigue and it’s been a hard week. And my body hurts. And I don’t have any desire to write. So, I guess I am resting. My prayer is that in this time He will pour in and revive me again. Blessings!

    1. I’m sorry to hear how you’re struggling, Barbie, and I know how it feels to battle deep fatigue. It can drain the life right out of us. Maybe this is a time to take good care of yourself and be released from perceived pressure or expectations? Sometimes God draws us into a season of rest because it is vital for our soul and body’s well-being. I’m also praying that He will lead you by still waters and restore your soul, revive weary spirits and refresh a tired body. Meanwhile, try to listen to what your heart is saying and follow the insights Holy Spirit shares with you in this time. I so often find God speaks to me the most when I am least able to do other things. May He breathe sweet peace into your mind as you draw aside for a while. Blessings and hugs to you, my friend. Remember you are dearly loved and deeply precious to God just as you are. Rest well. Xx

  2. I must rest because if I don’t I suffer debilitating migraines. I love the fact that God created rest for us. It’s tempting to fill up our days and minds with distractions and to-do lists because the world believes busyness equals productivity. Until our bodies tell us otherwise and we’re forced to stop and simply be still. These words you wrote gave me pause: “The more you lean on Me, the more you will be held secure in every way because I created you to live in dependence on Me.” I adore the image of being held secure in His arms, dependently resting!

    1. Hi Carrie. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I understand the need for rest because of having M.E. Debilitating migraines must make it vital for you too. You’re so right in saying that “the world believes busyness equals productivity” and it’s hard to go against the flow, isn’t it? I’m pleased you found some words here to reassure you about the need for rest, because the sooner we learn how to rest in God on a daily or regular basis, the sooner we will avoid burnout and be ready to receive the restoration and renewal our souls and bodies need. May you know His arms of grace comforting you on the pain-filled days. Blessings of rest and peace to you!

  3. A good word for me today, the second Sunday in a row I’m home on the couch clutching tissues and sipping healing fluids. Accomplishing nothing, including fellowship at church this morning. Last Sunday, the cold/flu symtoms lasted 24 hours, from Saturday night to Sunday night. Back to normal all week. Last night the symtoms hit again. I am trying to rest and lean on His ability to accomplish those things I am called to. In due season. And this is a season of stepping out and risk taking. Only through the Lord can I move forward. Stillness and quenching anxiety of the to do list taskmaster is challenging. Your words here are healing tea to me. Thanks, Joy.

    1. Oh how I know that feeling of “accomplishing nothing”, Kathryn! We tend to view and evaluate our days by our ‘doing’ rather than our ‘being’ and it skews the way we see ourselves in relation to God. Sometimes the most godly thing we can do is take a nap, read a book (not always the Bible either) or listen to some soothing music. A mind can be too tired to pray, or to shape words at least. If those things soothe our soul and make us more receptive to hearing from God, then all the better. Because even with our faith walk we can be goal-driven and oriented, forgetting that it’s primarily about being in relationship with God. And as you so aptly say, “Only through the Lord can I move forward.” Amen!
      I’ve resisted rest far more than is good for me, and it’s always left me drained and depleted beyond measure. I hope and pray you are given grace to sink into our Father’s embrace, let go of the urge to be active and allow Him to love on you a little bit as you sip His “healing tea” of grace. There is fullness of joy in His presence and renewal to be had from spending time resting in Him. It’s been a hard lesson for me to learn but definitely a worthwhile one! May you heed it sooner than I have and reap its benefits. Praying for you to grow stronger and overcome the cold/flu symptoms as you see yourself beloved of God just as you are. Xx

  4. Beautiful words on rest! Turning to God is where we find rest. Leaning into Him and trusting Him will provide us with rest. These are words I need to read over and over and carry in my heart for the frazzled and messy days of my life. Thank you for words that make a difference my friend!

    1. “Turning to God is where we find rest” – yes, absolutely, Mary! May we both take to heart the message of trusting God to take good care of us as we lean into Him during our “frazzled and messy days” because there is grace enough to cover them all. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, my friend. I love seeing you here! 🙂 x

  5. “I created you to live in dependence on Me.” Such a calming and intimate Truth, JOY. I pray each of us reading are that much closer to living the reality of this place of rest. Blessings.

    1. These words, “I pray that each of us reading are that much closer to living the reality of this place of rest” find an echoing Amen in my heart. Just as God’s grace is fathomless in its depths and our inability to comprehend it, so is His rest. After several months studying it and experiencing more of its mystery this year, I still sense I’ll be learning more each day. Thank you, June. I always appreciate your insights. Blessings.

  6. I used to be an obsessive thinking (not necessarily thinking well but not able to turn off the thinking) – I think the first step was when someone told me about how they would inhale and pray, “Lord Jesus Christ” and exhale, “Have mercy on me.” When the obsessive thinking would start, I started to focus my mind on God and His presence – and slowly, I’ve been able to control and quiet my mind. Thank you for your post – beautiful encouragement!

    1. That sounds like the breath prayer, or mercy prayer as some call it in contemplative circles. And what a lovely reminder of our dependence on God for every breath we take! I’m delighted to hear how you’ve been helped by focussing your mind more on God and His presence. To be able to still our souls enough to do that is a wonderful and freeing thing indeed and an open door for Him to act within to calm and restore us. Thank you for sharing here, my friend!

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