Radiance: reflecting God’s light in the darkness

Spring’s radiance shines unexpectedly early on these chilly Eastern shores, inching out the darkness of winter.

Its sun-warmed fingers filtering to flowers who open gratefully to its presence, basking in the unexpected rays.

They have longed for this invitation to reveal their glory to a waiting world, to break out of the bondage of hibernation and declare their beauty.

It makes me wonder if I can reflect even a smidgen of Christ’s grace and glory to others in sharing His story.

Because every time I take a closer look, any inner introspection reveals darkness within.

It seems impossible to believe I am a light bearer and glory sharer for Jesus, so unworthy do I feel.

As I prayed about this, I sensed the Lord reminding me just where His radiance lies and how we have access to it.

He reaffirmed that I am a child of grace, as are all who surrender their lives to Him.

Whenever we search inside ourselves we will always find the stain of sin, guilt and shame.

We all bear wounds and scars from our pre-Jesus past, from present pain and problems.

Holy Spirit gives insight into our many weaknesses and infirmities, not as a cause for despair but as laser-light bringing Truth to bear on lives laid bare.

The light shining on our dark places is also sealing us with Christ’s holy, life-affirming presence.

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We are being renewed from the inside out, restored and refashioned into all the Father intends us to be.

So even though I know how weak and sinful I can be, I am learning to rest more in the finished work of Christ and rejoice to be part of His family.

As children of God we bear the image of Christ. Flawed and fragile as we are, we still shine forth His radiance.

radiance - WoJWe are channels of His peace, bearers of light in every dark place, including our home, family and neighbourhood.

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I sense You asking me to be a light for You,

not just out there where I can share a word or two

but here, within my family, the place where I let down

my guard, where temper tends to flare when tired

and face creases hard into a frown. For home

is where I’m known the best and behave most

naturally, so they can see the very worst of me.


I feel so conscious of my sin yet I hear You call, asking

me to bring my willingness, my all, and trusting You to

do the rest. Because You’ll supply the fuel inside,

You’ll be the brightness they will see; the Light

doesn’t come from me. I’m but a poor refection

of Your living presence, glowing stronger as I abide.

I’m an overflow receptacle of Your gift of grace,

shining often unaware, into every earthly place.


God's radiance prayer WoJ

18 thoughts on “Radiance: reflecting God’s light in the darkness”

  1. “Flawed and fragile as we are, we still shine forth His radiance.” There is such hope in this, Joy. Thank you for this reminder. All made possible through Jesus’ cleansing and redeeming blood. No condemnation in Him. You certainly are a light bearer and glory sharer of Jesus. Your posts always encourage me to reflect on who we are in Him instead of on all the darkness we feel within. I love the flower pics, especially the bright and cheery tulips. As soon as I saw that pic, before I even read anything, hope sprang into my heart. 🙂 Blessings and hugs to you!

    1. Thank you for your kind encouragement, Trudy. So often physical weakness and weariness can make us feel spiritually drained and depleted as well. Yet God has an amazing way of working in and through “flawed and fragile” people and shining His light far more than they know. I’m glad the bright tulips cheered your heart before you even read the words! The picture was taken last Spring and reflects the beauty of its burgeoning warmth. Our hearts need signs like that to offer hope in dark days. Blessings and hugs to you! 🙂 x

    1. Hi Lynette. I’m glad you like the tulips! Spring flowers certainly add colour and joy to lacklustre days. God knows we need signs of life and growth to encourage winter-weary hearts. The bright yellow daffodils are a glorious reminder to shine and share grace glimmers as we live out our lives for Christ. I see that in your posts, my friend.

  2. Amen and amen – I’m grateful for the spring/cleansing of His presence and of my sin -wrote similarly this week – sheets instead of tulips. blessings!

    1. Hi Sue. I share your gratitude for the “spring/cleansing of His presence” and I can see how relevant sheets/laundry washing is as an analogy of sin and grace. The story from Mrs Pittman in your post is so helpful. Yes indeed, our very awareness of sin is actually a wonderful sign of Holy Spirit’s presence within! As you so rightly say: “Feeling discouraged today? A little misery over your sin? That means you’re listening. Good news in the midst of misery.” Thank you for stopping by and adding to the conversation here. Blessings! 🙂

  3. Joy, beautiful post! I am reminded of the words we say to a child when he/she is baptized and presented with their baptismal candle “Let your light shine before others that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven.” And so much THIS: “The light shining on our dark places is also sealing us with Christ’s holy, life-affirming presence.” YES!

    1. Tara, what a beautiful thing to do when a child is baptised! That’s the way we should all be aiming to live and love, isn’t it? Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I’m always blessed by your exuberant presence here, my friend!

  4. May the bulb inside of me grow to fullness and radiate the beauty of our Lord to this world. I have many a place where healing needs to happen before much of His light can reach dark spots, but, just today, I asked for healing in some places of emotional and mental pains. Yes, there are physical ones too, but it is the other areas that bind my tulip bulb and won’t allow it to be the beauty that God created. Thank you, Joy.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    1. Oh Linda, your words find an echo in my heart too as I ache to “grow to fullness and radiate the beauty of our Lord.” I hope you can be encouraged to know you already do radiate the light of Christ. Each of us has room to grow and change, to bloom and become all God intends us to be. Yet we are also lights and glory revealers for Christ in our current state. He chooses to work through flawed, imperfect people so that others can see the glory is His alone. I know what it’s like to have dark corners in the mind. Emotional and mental pains can leave deep scars and stains. But there is beauty within the brokenness. There is grace for all our griefs and sorrows. God won’t allow those things to stay as tight closed bulbs without causing some responsive warming and growth to take place. Maybe it’s not discernible to our own eyes, although others can point to it as evidence of God’s presence. You are one of the ‘shiniest’ people I know as I visit the blogospehere. I see the light and life of Christ in all your posts. I sense a heart yielded and willing to be renewed by His word. Maybe you are further on than you know, my friend. Blessings and hugs.

    1. Desiring to be “an overflow receptacle” of God’s grace is a great goal we share, June. God delights to flood us with His grace and watch how we pour it out in myriad ways to others. We receive in order to be givers of His light and life. Bless you, my friend. I’m always inspired by your words!

  5. We don’t often see the light that we bear, but it proves to guide the way for others – and you certainly do that. “We are being renewed from the inside out, restored and refashioned into all the Father intends us to be.”<== Beautiful words! That renewal and transformation makes us more like Him. So blessed to link arms with you on the journey. <3

    1. Thanks, Tiffany. I agree that we “don’t often see the light we bear; but it proves to guide the way for others.” Maybe God keeps us unaware so that we don’t fall into pride. And when we do knowingly reflect yet deflect our light back to its Source then God gets the all the glory for it. I’m so blessed to link arms with you too, sweet friend, and I love what God is revealing to you on your journey of life and faith! <3

  6. The prayer is so beautiful as are your other words. I bet that most of us do not feel qualified or a beacon for God because we know our weaknesses and flaws well. But God knows us even better and trusts that if He calls us it’s because He knows we can do what He is asking. We all have God’s light hidden within and He is just waiting for us to say we are ready to let it shine. He will help us with the rest.

    1. Mary, I love the kind reassurance in your words. You share beautiful biblical truth that helps dispel those feelings of unworthiness. Yes, most of us feel unqualified and inadequate in being “a beacon for God” but we can be comforted by realising how He knows us better than we know ourselves and only wants our willing obedience and surrender. Then we can fully trust Him to take care of the rest. Let it shine, my friend, let it shine! Just as you already do. Blessings and hugs.

  7. Joy, this is such an encouragement. It is so easy to become bogged down in our old self, and to forget the redeemed heir we have been invited to be. Oh this post was very special. Shared with me by a dear friend, who said you were a beautiful soul. I see why and look forward to reading more. Thank you for being a faithful servant and for sharing your heart. May God bless you.

    1. Hi Wendy. It’s lovely to meet you! Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to access the archives here. I’m humbly grateful you have been blessed and encouraged by what you have read. When I am more rested and able, I hope to pay a visit to your blog as well. I’m looking forward to sharing in our mutual friend’s group and getting to know you better. Have a blessed weekend.

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