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pause: on taking the counter-cultural pause our souls cry out for

Let’s pause, shall we? Life’s getting increasingly hectic as this season gathers momentum. But we don’t have to stay on the hamster wheel of busyness, leading to increasing cycles of anxiety and stress. We can be people who pause, those who learn to slow down and breathe for their sanity and soul’s sake.

We can be people who pause, those who learn to slow down and breathe for their soul's sake Click To Tweet

In this pre-Christmas season it’s all to easy to get sucked into numerous activities, fail to prioritise self-care, neglect to pause and protect our weary souls. I feel the tension in the air like a dark, palpable thing. And I long for light, relief and rest.

I hear consumerism’s clarion call, ready to ensnare us in its tenacious thrall. Who knew there were so many things we couldn’t possibly celebrate without? Who realised how much it all depends on us? But it doesn’t, my friend, it really doesn’t. We can discern,  as we sift the wheat from the chaff, the important from the urgent, the needful from what can wait—and learn how to delegate.

My resources and energy are low, easily depleted. Maybe yours are too?  And I’m wondering if there’s a way to do things differently in a season which takes everything out of us—except, of course, for the well organised few who have the whole caboodle stitched up long before the rush begins. Maybe there is a means of getting back to the heart of things?

My tendency is to become overwhelmed. I may start off fine, happily choosing presents on-line. Then they arrive, take up floor, as well as head space. I remember family birthdays are also approaching, and what gets bought must soon be wrapped—gulp! Panic begins to set in. It’s only mid-November and there’s still so much to think about and…and…STOP!

pause-for-breath-dusk-woj-acwI need to breathe…watch clouds skim serenely across the sky and remind myself to slow…down…I need to search out the small things which speak of God’s grace, His immanent presence in these frantic days. Asking for help is advisable, as is advance planning and preparation.

I need to search out the small things which speak of God's grace, His immanent presence Click To Tweet

Because making ourselves unwell by allowing pressure to pulverise us is unwise. I’ve spent far too many festive seasons flat-out with fatigue, unable to enjoy family gatherings to the full, simply too exhausted to participate. I don’t want to repeat the experience. I’m sure you don’t either…

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