Pass: when you’re worth more than you know

Pass or fail? One brings delight, sighs of relief. The other? Most likely gloom and doom, if not despair. Hope feels fragile, fleeting as butterfly.

We all fall into the trap of judging ourselves and our worthiness based on the assessment of others, results of tests and examinations, interviews and hoped-for invitations.

What if we realised that we are already of infinite worth and value to God?

Jesus didn’t let the bitter cup of pain, sin, sorrow and shame pass Him by, although blood-sweat poured from His anguished frame.

He drank it willingly, every drop, because that’s the way He loves us – freely, unconditionally, totally.

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God” ~ Hebrews 12:2

Jesus didn’t die to simply secure us a pass, a ticket into heaven. He died to give us abundant life in the here and now.

He rose again to reveal the resurrection freedom we can have over all the painful things that hold us captive to earth.

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The world and its cruel standards may reject us time and again, but God always says, “Come.”

He says we’re welcome, invited Just As We Are, imperfections and all.

He won’t pass up an opportunity to pursue us relentlessly, to heal our hearts.

We don’t have to pass muster on our own, or clean up our act.

We simply have to see our need of God. And come to Him willingly, freely, obediently.

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This isn’t an invitation to pass up or pass by. This is Life and Death and so much more besides.

This is worth assigned to us regardless of our situation, salary or statistics, wholly based on Christ’s worthiness and all He has secured for us.

It’s a mantle of grace to cover all our sin and failings.

You and I are already pre-approved, my friend.

There is beauty in our becoming because God sees the end from the beginning.

I’m grateful words have come and I didn’t have to pass up the opportunity to link with our host, Kate Motaung, and the fantastic five-minute-friday crew today as we share here on the prompt: ‘pass’. And happy as always to be joining Barbie and Carrie in sharing how we’re seeking to grow in our walk of life and faith.

26 thoughts on “Pass: when you’re worth more than you know”

  1. This is a true post, and it is the heart of everything–resting in the love and acceptance of God through Jesus. I wrote about this, too, but from a different perspective. :


    1. Hi Selena. It’s good to meet you! I’m glad you could relate to these words. After popping over to visit your site, I want you to know I am praying for your situation and for you to be able to rest more in God’s unconditional love, approval and acceptance. He loves you so very much and sees all your struggles. Our weary souls find their best solace in relationship with Him. Blessings.

  2. Joy, such a great reminder for us all. So much THIS: “You and I are already pre-approved, my friend. There is beauty in our becoming because God sees the end from the beginning.” I’m in the #5 spot this week.

    1. Tara, I’m glad those words spoke to you. I have to keep reminding myself about being pre-approved when I become weary of being a work in progress! Hope to check out your post over the weekend, friend. 🙂 Xx

  3. Joy….I have a problem with your blog! I love your words so so so so so much that I can never read your posts all in one go… leaving it open to read over the weekend….like a fine meal, it will have to be savoured !!

    1. Helen, I read your first few words and my heart sank as my mind envisaged technical issues or something worse. Then I read on and smiled broadly at the ‘problem’ you have with my blog. I think I can live with that! You know you are very welcome here any time you can stop by. My words aren’t going anywhere. The coffee’s on and I’m ready for a chat. I loved sharing your space this week. Bless you, friend. Xox

      1. Oh Joy, sorry if I made your heart sink….so sorry….but hope you *did* see the funny side! I didn’t manage to hop across at the weekend (pain pain pain) but, as you say, your words won’t be going anywhere (thankfully!)….here’s to a good week….Helen xxx

        1. Helen, I was only momentarily sinking a little bit because of having just moved web site hosting. I think I was preparing myself for some extra hitches and glitches. But yes, I grinned and felt relieved to see what your ‘problem’ was! You are always very welcome to stop by whenever you are able. No pressure whatsover. Here’s to a good week – I raise my tea mug to that. Xox

    1. Hi Mari-Anna. It’s good to see you here! I always appreciate you stopping by. Abundant blessings to you too!

  4. Thank you, Joy. This falls like a refreshing balm on my heart. May we keep reminding each other of this truth – “He rose again to reveal the resurrection freedom we can have over all the painful things that hold us captive to earth.” And I LOVE the butterfly! Blessings and hugs to you, my friend!

    1. Trudy, thinking of our resurrection freedom gives us hope in dark times, doesn’t it? Our daily life may seem distinctly lacking in freedom sometimes, but just as a butterfly has to slowly stretch herself free of the confines of all that holds her captive, so we need to view healing and freedom as a gradual process with our chains breaking one tiny link at a time. One day, dear friend, you and I will rise free and float above the circumstances we have been captive to. We will dance and sway as we radiate the glory and beauty the Lord has bestowed on us. Blessings and hugs! Xx

  5. This: “Jesus didn’t die to simply secure us a pass, a ticket into heaven. He died to give us abundant life in the here and now.” Amen! Let us not pass it by: His goodness here and now: “We simply have to see our need of God. And come to Him willingly, freely, obediently.” Thankful He gives us opportunities to wake up to just how desperately we need Him!

    Thanks for your encouragement, Joy!

    1. Anna, I’m so blessed to see you here and hear that the words God has given me have spoken to you. Yes, God definitely gives us “opportunities to wake up to just how desperately we need Him!” Thank you for encouraging me by stopping by! 🙂 x

  6. Joy, this is beautiful and so filled with Truths. Truth I need for this day. Truth I need to bury in my heart. Truth I want to walk amidst. You have blessed me, sweet Joy.

    1. Linda, I think I need to re-read the words and also bury them in my heart! We so easily forget these things. You’ve blessed me by being here, sweet friend.

    1. June, if I can encourage others and honour the Lord as I do so, then that’s all I desire when I share words here. Thank you for your lovely encouraging thoughts. Blessings.

  7. Thanks for this encouraging post. I love the reminder that Jesus just invites us to come- that we don’t have to pass a test or reach a certain standard but that we just have to see our need for him and come- and that he doesn’t pass up an opportunity to work his healing in our hearts.

    1. It’s a beautiful thought, isn’t it, Carly? To come to God just as we are, to be certain of a warm welcome and help for our every need. God longs to be in relationship with us. It’s a staggering concept. All the initiative came from Him and He delights to be our heavenly Father. And how hope-inspiring to know that He “doesn’t pass up an opportunity to work healing in our hearts.” Amen, my friend! Have a blessed weekend.

  8. Joy, a beautiful reminder that Christ died for us to be reunited with Him in heaven but also to be spiritually full right where we are today! Often I forget that and allow the everyday tasks to overshadow the joy of being His child. Thank you for this! Blessings to you!

    1. Carrie, living in the light of eternity, and recognising our position and worth as blood-bought sons and daughters is something that can get lost in life’s daily toil and trouble. It is indeed a challenge to not allow “the everyday tasks to overshadow the joy of being His child.” If I’ve helped stir that remembrance here then I am truly thankful. May you walk, live, breathe and rest in that joy, and be “spiritually full” right where you are. Blessings to you!

  9. Your words are stunning! God believes nothing but the best of us and He will always take us back even when we take a pass on Him. He is redeeming, loving and gracious in the times we feel broken and unworthy. He loves us without end. I will never tire of hearing of God’s love and grace. Beautiful!

    1. Mary, it’s always a marvel when we pause to appreciate God’s goodness and grace. It feels unreal at times. Too wonderful for words. And then he gifts us with a means of expression that overflows and touches the lives of others. I’m always so blessed when you stop by. You help remind me that despite feeling “broken and unworthy”, we can revel in the fact of God’s amazing, unconditional love and grace, His truly unmerited favour toward us.I love the way you take the word ‘pass’ and make it so hopeful here: “He will always take us back even when we take a pass on Him.” Yes and Amen! You bring a beautiful contribution to the community conversation here. Thank you! x

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