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opportunity: why it pays to wait and discern the way ahead

It is said that opportunity rarely knocks twice. So what do you do when presented with several offers at once? I tend to prevaricate and panic a bit, especially when there’s a deadline looming, though a writing opportunity is rarely dismissed.

How in the world do we know what to choose from and what to let slip? It isn’t always clear-cut, though those who are offering us opportunity often suggest we would be an idiot to pass up this particular thing.

While I was waiting for clear guidance to come, it got me thinking: who (or what) are we listening to—what is framing our thinking? Are we listening more to feelings than faith?

Who (or what) are we listening to—what is framing our thinking? Click To Tweet

Who are we listening to?

Online voices issue an imperative:

Buy now! Be big! Get the gifts! Don’t miss out! 

Time limited offer! You need this!!

My mind swirls with intrusive sounds

with seeds of inadequacy

with an ache to learn and grow

with a desire to come up higher

with a fear of being sidelined

with paralysing indecision

Because on the inside? I remain

a wary, wounded child, curled small

invisible to all, except those who

want to take precious gifts from me

No offer comes risk-free, without

strings attached, to leave a dangling 

girl feeling severed from herself

So now I try to breathe, pause and pray,

hear whispered words above the fray

as worldly noise rings loud inside

my head, and time passes slowly

as I unwind my troubled mind, try to

listen to God’s wisdom voice instead



Recently, a bombardment of writing/blogging resource opportunities have come my way. They initially provoked interest, then left me flagging as I tried to identify which (if any) were pointers of God’s specific will for me.

Temptation was strong, because I could use a helping hand from the experts as such. Who wouldn’t want to take courses at vastly reduced prices, learn how to grow your blog, reach your intended audience, discover neat time-saving writing tips and strengthen your online presence? Hmm… me, maybe?

Something sat uneasily within as the clock ticked and gentle pressure was applied by seemingly trustworthy sources.

I long for the wisdom, discernment and peace which only God can impart Click To Tweet

So I stilled my soul, seeking a heavenly perspective. I long for the wisdom, discernment and peace which only God can impart. Here’s what I sensed….

10 ways to help you discern a writing opportunity

  • Sometimes a good thing for everyone else isn’t necessarily a good thing for us
  • God has an individual plan for our lives away from the crowd’s pressing choices
  • Our reputation is safe in His hands — we don’t have to do more/be more/buy more
  • Being asked to stay put or be small is not a punishment
  • We are already known, loved and treasured completely by God
  • He will bring us the audience our words are intended for
  • We need to trust in God’s timing—a no for now could be a yes later on
  • We can trust in His inspiration, equipping and strengthening
  • We’re to answer primarily to God’s voice alone
  • We need to listen to God before the clamour of the world

I hope some of these pointers will help you, too, as you aim to stay true to your individual calling and follow God’s will above all things.

What helps you to make wise choices when opportunity presents itself? I’d love to hear in the comments below.  🙂



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