Nothing muted here

It’s been one of those weeks when thoughts don’t flow freely and thinking feels more like a mud-dredging effort to mine for a few scattered gems than an easy, relaxed, effortless activity.

Life with M.E often brings brain fog and muddled (muddied) thinking as well as problems with focus and concentration.

Strangely, when words sit heavy for me and hard to find, it seems that poetry rises faster with more fluency than prose.

So this week’s Five Minute Friday writing challenge lends itself well to verse, for better or worse!

Today’s prompt is:‘Red’


Red Offering

You want me to wear red
that shout-out-loud, ‘look at me’
noisy hot breath 
of anger and danger
can’t I wear something 
more muted instead?

Red is…poured out, bleeding offering
on a cross of shame and suffering
death pooling, injury, wounding,
scarring, revealing scarlet thread
signalling loss and pain

And yet…there’s a vibrancy 
a glow, shining brightness about it all
love’s token of a heart aflame
grace revealing in Jesus name

a warming, birth of hope rising
with each petal falling 
from head, hands and feet
as offering for us all
to pass on to those we meet

Shout it loud…red is good
don’t fade into crowd
be proud to take a stand
and a share of the sorrow 
and shame He bore
so you can bear the weight
of Love He brings to everything

with forgiveness threads spooling
onto ground weeping red
it’s a cause to rejoice
for us all

Linking here with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday where we write freely on a given topic, from the heart, as it comes, with no worry about perfection.

You are very welcome and warmly invited to join in.

20 thoughts on “Nothing muted here”

    1. Thank you, Mandy! It is hard to fight past the weariness and brain fog, as you know only too well, my friend. But God has a way of working in us despite (and often because of) our weakness.

  1. For someone with brain fog (I totally get those days from my sleep issues, so I can relate. I turn in to a clumsy idiot when I have had bad insomnia lol), you sure did a GREAT job of crafting such poignant words! This was a unique twist on red. I haven't seen anything like it yet at FMF . 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely encouragement, Rebekah! Though I know God definitely had His hand in the way this turned out. I cannot write well without His enabling and equipping. It's amazing how varied the responses can be to the one word prompt, isn't it? 🙂

  2. The beautiful rose of Sharon, petals falling I so love the thought this brought to mind, and the picture I was able to capture as well .

    Lovely beyond words to express at times are the way certain people can take us to a place of such beauty with words ….a Gift from God.

    1. Thanks very much for your insightful comment. I hadn't considered the rose of Sharon when I wrote this but it is so apt! Words and the expression of them are indeed a gift from God, especially as they bless and encourage others.

    1. Patricia, you are so kind! These words, like so many before them, fall into my mind through Holy Spirit inspiration and surprise me too! Though I do tend to think poetically quite easily. Isn't God wonderful in the way He helps and equips us? Thanks very much for blessing me by sharing your thoughts here.

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