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When you need confirmation of being loved

Friend, have you ever been in a season where you need confirmation and reassurance of being loved by God?

It’s where I sit these days, a deep well of sadness within and a heart aching to hear good things. Tears spring forth so easily.

I sense the soft whimpering voice of a hurting child deep inside. She is desperate to feel loved, if only she can push past her own defence barriers and let the love in.

Above all, it’s her Abba Father’s love she craves most and needs confirmation of.

What’s stopping the flow? What does she need to do to receive it? 

Because feeling loved is only a small part of the picture – believing and receiving it fully are stumbling blocks for her closed off heart.

And as tears and words stumble over one another in prayer, I sense God saying to let them flow because they are healing.

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Our heavenly Father’s arms are wide enough to circle the world, holding all its sin and shame, loss and pain. His love is what sets us free to live as He always intended us to.

I know this in my head, speak and write about its amazing truth, but the truth is I haven’t always accepted it in my heart as deep personal reality.

It’s in the living out of being the beloved that I falter.

I still need heart surgery. I’m still a walking-wounded woman. I require reminders of how to receive and live in the light of this love. I ache for grace.

Because when I was but a child I was pressed to join in with adult games with someone I loved and some I didn’t. It messed with my head.

It twisted me up on the inside.  Abuse will do that to you. Jesus has been gently loosening the knots and unravelling me ever since.

Without realising it, I’d closed off my wary, wounded heart, set a guard to love. I heard the words, received and returned the hugs and more besides, yet remained largely distant, bruised and battered by my past.

Nothing can fully penetrate a caged heart, only God can release us from the prison we are in.

caged - WoJ

Only God can set us free to live uncaged and become whole by His grace. Click To Tweet

Healing is a process and a journey, one we need to willingly choose to undertake in His company.

Despite some healing in this area, giving and receiving love is still so hard to do sometimes.

Yet hope is on the horizon, ready to anchor my uncertain soul in Truth.

Maybe we have to sink as low as we can go in whatever pit we’ve fallen into so that we marvel more at the Hand of grace ready to lift us out and set us on our feet again.

All I know for now is that Jesus is close to the broken-hearted.

He sits with us in the ashes as we rake over their embers, comforts us with words of reassurance, doesn’t despise our weakness, specialises in salvation, restoration and renewal.

Our shattered lives, hopes and dreams are safe in His hands.

Out of the rubble of our lives, God will rebuild a stronger foundation than before. Click To Tweet

Something new and beautiful to behold.

Our part is to lean on Him, share our pain and receive healing to come as we live with the lancing and binding up of our wounds.

Friend, as you and I turn to Jesus He will begin the process of setting us free from whatever ails us, and provide all the confirmation of His love that our hungry hearts need.

And that’s worth crying happy tears over, isn’t it?

caged prayer - WoJ


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