may: permission to feel hurt and seek soul solace

Admitting we’re hurting can be tough. I may react to sadness or pain by retreating, going silent or losing myself in busynessโ€”usually of the mental preoccupation ‘hamster wheel’ kind. What I tend to forget is the need to rest, relax and remind myself to breathe, pause, and pray.

What do we do when prayer itself seems challenging? I find asking others to pray for me, [or writing them down when words fail me] is a good way to eventually overcome any resistance or reluctance to pray.

Being carried by the Body of Christ when we feel too depleted, weak or weary to help ourselves is a rather humbling and wonderful thing. Soon we will be the strong ones ministering to others, returning love, care and encouragement.

Sometimes we should just let ourselves be held, spiritually and physically. Nothing beats a good hug from my man or a friend when I’m feeling low, though online ((hugs)) also help me to feel less alone. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sometimes we should just let ourselves be held, spiritually and physically Click To Tweet

Here’s a prayer I penned recently, when spoken words stalled and the ache in my heart felt like prayer enough. May you see yourself within the lines and recognise just how much God can lift us when we’re at our lowest…

Heavenly Father,

Your child is hurting, feeling lonely and lost, though I know and trust you are always with me. I’m so often crushed by my circumstances, knowing deep within that they are too much for me to bear without your help, support and sovereignty over every situation which seems painful to me.

Would you rule and reign in me today? Come sit beside and hold your hurting child. Let me sense the warmth of your presence and rest my cares and concerns in your loving, capable hands. May I know my greatest strength comes out of being strongly rooted in Christ.


Fill me with your Spirit. Saturate me with grace. Build me up from the inside out. Correct the distorted lens of my flawed and faulty thinking, and help me to see life from your Holy perspective.

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Take my weakness and make something strong in its place. May I always look to you to fill what is drained, dry and depleted in me. Heal my heart where it has becomes torn, broken, bruised, made ragged by the words or deeds of others and damaged by my own carelessness.

Because the mouth reveals what the heart conceals, sanctify my tongue. Let my words be sweet, thoughtful and calm, seasoned with salt, gracious and kindโ€”yes, even those I speak to myselfโ€” positive rather than negative.

May we always look to God to fill what is drained, dry and depleted in us Click To Tweet

May I be satisfied to limit my words to few where an excess might cause an unwise over-spill. May I plant good seeds in the lives of others with liberal doses of love, hope and encouragement.

Create beauty out of ashes, glean Hope from life’s detritus and grow deeper faith in life’s hard places. Where I am tempted to sink into despair, provide the gentle cloak and covering of your reassuring love to bring me back from the brink.


May I never lose a sense of your glorious presence, your ability to keep me safe from harm, nor ever stop believing I can be changed and renewed, as can any challenging circumstances I might be going through.


May I know my greatest strength comes out of being strongly rooted in Christ Click To Tweet

18 thoughts on “may: permission to feel hurt and seek soul solace”

  1. Oh, Joy, I love all of this. It really does help to write out the words and ask someone to pray. And God does fill that void and give us peace even when we are hurting and feeling overwhelmed. We just need to remember that He is there and to ask. He will answer.

    Blessings to you! Love and hugs! Thanks for being a loving, praying friend. xoxo

    1. Gayl, I really wish I remembered to do it more often! We can struggle on for so long before we finally see our need of help, can’t we? I love the reassurance you share here. God definitely does “fill the void and give us peace” at all times. Thank you so much for bringing your own insights to bear on this reflection about prayer. I am also grateful to have you as “a loving, praying friend”! Blessings, love and hugs to you. xoxo <3

  2. Dear Joy,
    Oh thank you for these sweet and humbling words today! This is so true: “Because the mouth reveals what the heart conceals, sanctify my tongue.” May I learn ever more to pause and truly listen to the whispers of the Lord, receiving the help that I might not even realize that I need! He looks beyond my hard-hearted-shell, and sees the ache down deep inside. I am so grateful for your loving and caring heart, my friend! Blessings, love, and hugs to you! xoxo

    1. Dear Bettie, I almost left that part out, such is my heightened awareness of frequently speaking in haste, without thinking first! But our tongues do need to be sanctified if they are to become instruments of grace instead of weapons that shame. You’re right in saying we don’t always recognise the help we need, maybe until our spouse (or someone else) ‘helpfully’ points it put to us! Being sensitive to God’s whispers, and willing to slow down enough to listen, will go a long way towards helping us to be in control of our behaviour and tongue. Hard lessons sometimes but necessary to soften and instruct our hearts, mouths and minds. I’m always touched by your generous responses here, my friend. Thank you for seeing God’s hand at work in me. Blessings, love and hugs to you too! xoxo

    1. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear of your struggles, Barbie. :/ Depression is a challenging thing that can hit us out of the blue and make normal life truly effort-full. Those leaden feelings colour everything, don’t they? During times and seasons like this, especially when it’s hard to pray, we just need to let ourselves be held and seek solace in knowing we are God’s beloved, just as we are. I’m thinking of and praying for you, my friend. I hope the dark clouds will lift for you soon. Sending gentle hugs and love. xoxo

  3. Joy, what a beautiful post. I’ve had times when the act of praying feels too hard. Trying to put words to the pain in my heart . . . I can’t voice it. But, as you shared, there are times when those words go from head to hand as I write them on the page. God has a way of ministering when I take the time to pour out my heart to Him via the written word.

    I am praying your words today.

    1. Hello Jeanne, it’s a joy to see you here! Due to a blogging hiatus, followed by life’s demands and busyness, coupled with extra health struggles, I’ve become quite a stranger to the FMF community of writers over the last few months, though I hope that will change soon and I can get back to connecting with you all. I’m so pleased you find writing your prayers down is a good way for God to minister to you. He already knows what is on our hearts, but it helps us to discover the ache within when we write it out. I’m grateful this prayer is useful to you, my friend. May your week be blessed with openings, connection and deep soul revelation as you pour out your heart to the Lord. So blessed to have you stop by! xo <3

    1. A longing I sense you share, dear friend. I’m thankful to have been given these words to write, and I am so blessed to think they have touched your heart. Love and hugs to you too, Trudy! xo ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’œ

  4. Hi Joy,
    First, I love the little facelift you’ve given your online home — very peaceful and inviting! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m thinking about all the truth in your beautiful words here because they’re resonating with me. Especially speaking kinds words to ourselves and others and anticipating that God will create beauty from ashes in our lives. I wonder if sometimes we don’t wait long enough to see that happen? When my emotions or circumstances don’t respond as quickly as I expect, I think sometimes I move on without waiting for God to move! As always, beautiful thoughts here and I hope you’re doing well, my friend! xo

    1. Hi Valerie, I’m so pleased you like the new look here! Peaceful and inviting are the attributes I want to impart, as well as sharing hope and encouragement through my words. I can relate to impatiently wanting to rush the waiting process. We long to see God’s hand at work in our lives, little realising that much of the beauty He desires to bring from ashes is actually worked within, often hidden from our eyes. Yet that necessary inner work is what transforms us the most, enabling us to live with changed minds and hearts. Your thoughtful response is greatly appreciated, my friend! And I am doing as well as can be expected, I guess, while battling chronic illness and a virus. Thanks for asking. Although it always cheers me to have words to share and friends engaging with me here! Blessings and love to you. xo ๐Ÿ’œ

  5. I always feel such peace when I step into your blogging home. Your words speak to me personally. Reading how sometimes retreat when life is challenging is exactly what I do at times.

    There is freedom in praying and finding community to support you when this happens. I am blessed by both of those things. These dear people call me to step out and ever closer into God says I am and not into the lies that flood my mind.

    Thank you for the beautiful prayer at the end. You hold such a special place in my heart in this online world.

    1. Mary, I think we all need people who encourage us to “step out and ever closer into God says I am and not into the lies that flood my mind.” I’m so glad you have dear friends who call you out in this way. Community is a beautiful thing and I’m grateful for the connections and friendships I have made, especially in the online world. Your online space is so soul soothing and inspiring, as you share your story of brave faith, witnessing beautifully to God’s grace in you. I’ve been greatly impacted by your words ever since stumbling onto your blog, and I really value your supportive friendship too. May you have a blessed weekend, dear friend. xo

  6. Hi Joy! When I get tired or am sick, prayer seems to be one of those things that goes out the window. And yet, these are the times I really need him the most. I think I decide that prayer is just too hard to do, or that I can’t focus enough to make it ‘good’.

    That’s why I really like your approach to the prayer, you make it a plea to fill and heal your body and heart, and that’s so powerful. Of course it’s something Jesus would want to do, he’s just waiting to be asked. Thank you for reminding me that it’s okay to make prayer a plea, letting Christ know that I need him so much.
    I hope your prayer brought you as much peace as it brings to me.
    Thanksgiving blessings,

    1. Hi Ceil, it’s so good to see you here! I can relate to struggling with prayer when my health plummets more than usual. At times like that I tend to shoot out short arrow ones rather than aiming to say a lot. It helps to simply repeat the Name of Jesus, knowing He hears our softest heart sighs and deepest groans and all the whispered words we utter too.
      In praying for others, when my focus and energy are low and words don’t come easily, I say the person’s name and hold them in my thoughts before the Lord, trusting He knows their need far better than I do.
      It’s always absolutely fine to be totally honest with God. We’re never a surprise to Him! And He is swift to respond to our need of Him in any way. I am grateful those words were stirred in prayer. They helped me too when I read over them again. Maybe I should try writing them down more often than I do! I’m glad you were blessed and encouraged here, my friend. Happy Thanksgiving to you! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’œ

    1. Thank you, Kat! I am glad they spoke to you and I’m delighted to see you here! Bless you, dear friend. xo ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’Ÿ

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