Hope springs eternal

It is said that where there is life there is hope. Its rays of light and grace rise through the cracks and crevices of our days.

The resilience of the human spirit is a God-given gift we truly need.

We can endure far more than we think when God gives us hope and strength to do so.

Reason will only get us so far.

Faith and trust will enable us to go way beyond our limitations.

As we continue to place our hope in the God of all hope He will guide our paths, provide a way where there seems to be no way, and reveal His plans to us.

“Hope springs eternal in the human breast; man never is, but always to be blessed:the soul, uneasy and confined from home, rests and expatiates in a life to come” ~ Alexander Pope ‘An Essay on Man’

As I dust down an old journal (which I began using in 2008 but ceased writing in after a series of family calamities concluding in the unexpected death of my brother), it is with the hope of reclaiming it anew, writing observations of life and faith and being able to move beyond the reminder of those painful times.

I also do so with the purpose of allowing God to speak to me afresh as I record daily (if possible) thoughts, reflections, snippets of poetry or prayers.

I’m joining Dawn and other journaling friends in June as we seek spiritual white space and aim to draw near to God as He encourages us to #listentoyourlife more avidly in the month ahead.

You are very welcome and warmly invited to join us. For more info on journaling in June, click here to visit Dawn’s site and find out what it’s all about. There is space for you and grace to join in as you feel able to.

Let hope inform your days as you surrender them to His ways this week.

“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without words ~
And never stops at all” ~ Emily Dickinson


4 thoughts on “Hope springs eternal”

  1. Oh, wow…praying as you pick up that journal and your pen that God would pour out blessings in and through the process of writing, reflecting, reminiscing you would be refreshed and renewed. God bless you , Joy! With you on the journey, Dawn

    1. Hi Dawn. Thank you so much for your lovely prayer! I am hoping that using the journal again will finally lay to rest the awful events of that year and the shadow they have cast over me for a long time. It seemed a step too far to throw away a book I'd written in but I couldn't bring myself to write/journal again for some time afterwards.
      Now, I pray God will restore the years the locust has eaten and enable me to learn and grow in the process. As I sat and reflected on the journal writing prompt for today, God birthed a simple poem in me that showed a deeper appreciation for the man who walks life with me and has shouldered a lot of the problems. So I'm excited to see what He will do in the days ahead for all of us taking part! Praying for you too, friend, as you make choices and walk through this journey. God bless you greatly with an increased sense of His Presence and deep joy in knowing Him. Love and prayers. Xx 🙂

  2. Joy, I am so sorry about your brother, I understand the depth of despair as I too lost my brother after a very short expected illness four years ago (he was only 48). I was (and think I will always in a hidden part of me) still grieving the loss of my dear mother a few years prior and having to deal with chronic illness, I can completely absorb what you are saying about placing the 'journal' of your life aside. Praise God He has brought us through and continues to pour His precious words of comfort in and through us for others in the same situation. God bless and may many flowers blossom in your new entries xxx

    1. Thank you so much for your understanding and sensitive comment. I really appreciate it. Having just hopped over to your site I see you have words to comfort and support weary souls dealing with invisible illness like mine. I love the idea of words blossoming as flowers as I write in the journal again! Bless you, friend, for your encouraging thoughts. 🙂 x

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