hide: looking for a place of safety from life’s storms

When life takes us to the wire, we long for somewhere safe to hide, a refuge from its wounding, a haven to rest and recover in. If we refuse to let our circumstances make us cower and lift our gaze higher, we may remember a crown of thorns piercing like barbed wire into our Saviour’s brow, nails tearing at flesh, holding Him captive to the cross.

And we remember this… Jesus endured the unimaginable so that we wouldn’t have to. Death loses its sting for those who belong to Him.

Whatever we may have to endure here, it pales into insignificance against all that He so willingly suffered for our sake.

Jesus is our Hiding Place, our soul solace and sanctuary when life hits hard. Click To Tweet

There is peace and abiding comfort in God’s embrace. There is an ever flowing fountain of grace. Dark clouds may encircle us now but God’s Light always finds a way to break through, penetrate and reach us.

No matter what life may throw at us, Jesus is our Hiding Place, our soul solace and sanctuary when life hits hard.

God accompanies us during everything we encounter. He is our Friend, Guide and Shepherd, offering help and strength when we feel weak.

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Despite how dark our days may seem, there is Hope beyond measure in God, as this poem (previously published on Poetry Joy) suggests…

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Prayer Whisper: ‘Hide yourself in Me’

“Hide yourself in Me. Don’t be afraid of obscurity. Sit with the seers and prophets, move with the mystics, meet with Me in monastic solitude and silence.

Those who live close to ground are open to the sound of Holy Spirit sighs, aware of the tread of My footsteps in this world, attuned to the beat of My heart, the pulse of My Love throbbing strong.

Ready yourself to receive. Be receptive to My voice while you tune out the world’s noise. Come closer. There is no fear here, only perfect, unconditional love everlasting.

Seek to abide in alcoves of awareness during outward busyness. Meet with Me in the mundane moments where the miraculous is found. Watch as I breathe out beauty all around.

Centre  your heart in prayer. Let it be a continual conversation, offering and petition wrapped with gratitude.

Words are not always necessary. We can commune spirit to Spirit, soul to soul.

Open yourself to receiving rivers of grace. I long to pour them into every wounded and broken place. Healing is here. My flame of love roars steady.

Try not to resist or stem the flow. Do not quench the fire within. Let it burn for Me.

I come to you in calm and in thunder. I ride on the wings of the morning. I journey with you in the daily. I ride stars in darkness. I am your Night Watchman, Cover and Hiding Place.

I grant My beloved rest and sleep. Seek your peace and security in Me because I am your safe shelter, now and always. Lean into My gifts of grace.”

I’m often tempted to seek my security in temporal things and yearn for affirmation from others, before I finally go to God. Yet whenever we do seek Him, we receive the great comfort of His unconditional love and abundant grace poured out freely for us, and we become enabled to give the same to others.

How has God’s light infiltrated your dark days? I’d love you to share in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “hide: looking for a place of safety from life’s storms”

  1. Dear Joy, Your words are so encouraging today. Just as I read your words for the prayer whisper from God to “Hide Yourself in Me,” the playlist of old hymns that I have running in the background moved to the song from Corrie Ten Boom’s story, “You Are My Hiding Place.” This is just what I needed today, as I am hearing the Lord whisper these very thoughts to me also. He stills the tumult of the words swirling around us. Thank you for sharing your heart of comfort. xoxo

    1. Dear Bettie, thank you for reminding me about Corrie Ten Boom’s book and the powerful story of how she and her sister were kept safe and secure by ‘hiding’ themselves in the presence God and experiencing His wondrous care during their fearful imprisonment. It’s such an inspiring read. How intriguing that we are on the same wavelength yet again. I love these surprising God-incidences! Bless you for being here and offering me encouragement too by the words you share. xoxo

    1. Mary, I have missed sharing my words here and the friendship connections and communications, all of which are precious to me and deeply treasured. All those challenging weeks of wrangling with technical issues, and having to host my #write31days series at Poetry Joy instead, have meant this space necessarily laying fallow for a while. So it is a joy and delight to see your sweet face today! I am still struggling a lot health-wise but I’m keen to write whenever God provides sufficient inspiration, time and energy to do so. I am blessed by your presence and words, sweet friend. Blessings and hugs to you! xo

  2. Thank you for this hope-filled message, Joy. It’s a comfort to know that no cloud is too dark for God to break through with His light. I read this over again to find all the things listed that He is for us – our Savior, our Hiding Place, our Soul Solace and Sanctuary, our Friend, our Guide, our Shepherd, our Light, our Nightwatchman, our Cover, our Hope, our Grace-giver, our Healer. That’s a lot, and He is even endlessly more than that to us. Amazing. Thank you for causing me to reflect on the countless ways He blesses us. His love towards us is so boundless, isn’t it? Have a rest-filled weekend in every way! Hugs!

    1. Trudy, not only am I thankful for your sweet presence here, I am also grateful for the way you noticed the various titles assigned to Jesus, especially as it’s something I failed to see! A weary brain can miss quite a bit, sad to say, or maybe our own writing becomes overly familiar to us sometimes. So it was a blessing to read them over again myself, savour the myriad ways in which God reveals Himself to us and ponder on His boundless love. May your weekend be blessed with rest and renewal in every way. Hugs! xo

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