Forget: How God never forgets about us

Do you forget things easily? I do. Minor stuff mainly. It’s quite annoying at times, isn’t it?

Maybe some of it is the curse of mid-life where muddle seems to be mandatory.

Now where did I leave my specs/book/papers? Excuse me while I search…

Maybe I’m just poor at remembering things because the past is getting ever farther away from the present as more years tuck themselves under my belt.

Although, thankfully, the most important people and events stick strongly in my mind.

And I try to always remember God’s goodness toward me because my life would be all the poorer without His loving care.

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So as I pondered briefly on the word ‘forget’ for todays five-minute-friday offering, it seems my brain became a bit poetic (as it does when time-pressed), and I hadn’t forgotten how to write something after all – phew!

God always remembers…

God remembers us poem image

Can the sun forget to rise?

Can the sea forget to swell its tides?

Can the wind forget to blow

or grass and flowers forget to grow?

Neither can God forget the love

he lavishly bestows on us


He cannot forget to offer grace

to every nation, tribe and race

We are the apple of his eye

We’re always on his mind

God’s continually watching over

offering safe place and cover


He never forgets to enrich and bless our days

offer mercy and forgiveness always

Like a watchful mother hen

he knows what we need and when

Included in so many things is

the way he forgets confessed sins


Because his primary motivation is

to remember his precious sons and daughters

Offering us opportunity to swim

a lifetime in Love’s soothing waters


I’m grateful for the gift of words flowing freely today and to be able to share them in the wonderful #FMF community meeting together here at our gracious host, Kate Motaung’s place.

Also joining fellow listeners to the whispers God strews along our daily pathway as I link with Barbie for #WeekendWhispers.

You are warmly invited to hop over to those sites to read the words being shared and see how we are all inspired uniquely by God.

28 thoughts on “Forget: How God never forgets about us”

    1. Yes, Annette, being remembered by God is the best thing ever! We are always on His mind. Thanks for visiting. I loved hopping over to your blog too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Love. This is one of my absolute fave poems of yours. THIS: “Neither can God forget the love

    he lavishly bestows on us!” Yes! I’m over in the #12 parking spot this week.

    1. Thanks, Tara! I love your enthusiasm for my poetic work. You are such an encouragement to me, my friend. Hope to pop over and catch up with your words over the weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚ x

    1. Hi June. Yes, it is mercy and indeed to have God remembering us continually in love and forgetting our sin. Such grace! Have a blessed weekend taking lots of lovely photographs to bring your readers such pleasure when visiting your blog.

  2. Beautiful, Joy. It’s such a precious blessing that God never forgets His love and grace towards us. Even when we forget this at times, He remains faithful. Have a rest-filled weekend in every way!

    1. Thanks, Trudy. I’m awed by the manifold blessings God gifts us with. You hit on the key thing here: “Even when we forget this at times, He remains faithful. Yes and Amen! I will do my best to have a rest-filled weekend and I pray you will too. <3

    1. Thank you, Joanne. How glad I am for God’s loving faithfulness! He knows the best ways to bless us and how we each need to receive hope and encouragement. May the week ahead be full of blessings.

  3. Beautiful poetry. I can relate to forgetting the little things – partly because I can be scatterbrained and partly because I’m a mom to young children who distract me – but I am so thankful that our powerful God does not have this problem!

    1. Hello Leslie. It’s lovely to meet you! Thanks for visiting. Life’s distractions have a way of making us forgetful. As mothers of small children, we hold so much in our heads, are constantly trying to juggle activities and hoping to make time stretch to fit it all in. It’s no wonder forgetfulness can be a problem. My mind is cloudy and scatterbrained these days due to the symptoms of M.E causing profound fatigue and brain-fog, so I can relate to the exhaustion you must feel at times. But we can be thankful that God has everything clear and under control! Blessings.

  4. This is beautiful, Joy.

    I think that God also remembers the dreams and hopes that we have, and that we’ll never fulfill…and that He saves them for us as a gift in Heaven, so that we can pick up our tools and bear ourselves to our tasks once more.

    1. Hi Andrew. How kind of you to stop by when you’re feeling so unwell, and to drop some of heaven’s dew here with your words. I love the idea of completing what we’ve started or have longed for because God offers us fresh opportunity to fulfil our hopes and dreams. Yes and Amen to be able to “pick up our tools and bear ourselves to the task once more.” It means we can also release the things of this life with greater ease, knowing we can begin again while we look forward to the gifts awaiting us in Heaven. What a lovely thought! You do my soul good. Bless you, friend. Praying for you, Barbara and the dogs for the days ahead. As others have shared on your site, please continue to remember that you are loved and cherished by all who know you. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to read your work and accompany you on your journey for a little while.

  5. Beautiful once again Joy.
    I love your poem how God never forgets us. So often, since being ill, many people have forgotten about me, and there have been times when I have wondered if God has too. However, I am reassured time and again that his presence is always with me. He is with me through the sunrise, the birds singing, a gentle touch from my husband or a hug from my children. He is with me whilst I sleep and when I am awake. Our God is a great God!

    1. Tanya, you shine a beautiful light of hope and encouragement to others. It’s clear that many love the way you reveal Jesus to us, me included. I know what you mean about feeling invisible and forgotten though. It’s happened to me too with real life friends. God is definitely with you, my lovely friend. And He is evident in all you share. Praying for you to be encouraged to the same measure you encourage others. May God’s presence be a great source of comfort to you in your darkest, pain filled hours. Gentle hugs and abundant blessings. Xx

    1. Hi Kaye. It’s good to see you here. Yes, they are forget-me-nots. Well spotted! They seemed apt for the post. Thanks for visiting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. God never forgets! He is the answer to our questions, the sun for the day and the moon for our nights and He is the light in the dark. God never forgets to show us daily that He is near and desires for us to draw close. Thank you for the beautiful words in your poem. You blessed us with such encouraging words.

    1. Amen to these faith-stirring words: “He is the answer to our questions, the sun for the day and the moon for our nights and He is the light in the dark.” Thank you for adding your own beautiful insights to the conversation here, Mary. I’m blessed as always by your visits!

    1. Dawn, you do my soul good with your sweet encouragement! Thank you for seeing beyond the words I share into the heart of the matter. My desire is always to point to Christ, hard as it can be sometimes to see joy arising from painful circumstances. Our God is worthy of praise and adoration and a soul touched by Him never remains the same. Blessings on your week, my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Barbie, you warm my heart with your kindness every time you stop by. And I’m so thankful that God inspires me with words to share that touch others with His life and love. I also join you in feeling “so thankful that He will never forget me.” Amen! Great is His faithfulness.

    1. Hello Lynette. No apology needed, my friend. It’s always a pleasure to see you whenever you can stop by. And I know all too well how life’s demands can be very draining, steal time and energy and render us unable to do the things we desire to do. May you rest in God’s overseeing and provision for you this day as you trust Him for the days to come. Thinking of you. Bless you for being here.

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