Focus on seeing life clearly

My focus is fuzzy. I have myopic blur and the distortion of astigmatism.

Both are easily remedied by wearing the right kind of lenses.

Even if brain-fog still swirls its mists in my mind, I can achieve a semblance of clarity.

Life can be viewed in sharper focus than before.

Although my inner focus can become clouded or wrongly directed at times.

Especially if I linger too long on Negativity Street, in dark alleyways of anxiety and corners of comparison.

Joy and peace are common casualties of muddied meanderings in insecurity.

If our focus stays on our faults and failings rather than on the One whose mercy and forgiveness sets us free, then we can become lost in a fog of forgetfulness.

It's the focus of faith that needs to define, refine and shape our days. Click To Tweet

We need to see ourselves in the mirror of God’s word.

See how we are already made a new creation in Christ.

Because if we stay too focussed on our fears, pain and distress we can find ourselves feeling oppressed, sliding into discouragement or depression.

I want to allow God's word to reveal who I really am as my focus shifts to its healing Truth. Click To Tweet

We are:

  • Beloved
  • Precious
  • Redeemed
  • Restored
  • Healed
  • Made whole

And so much more besides, as we discover when we dig deep into Scripture.

Even now, as a work in progress, we can focus on believing we are who God says we are In Christ and all we’re in the process of becoming as we rest in His goodness, mercy and grace.

We can breathe more easily as we receive His gift of forgiveness and peace.

Let's aim to daily put on our spiritual lenses and begin to focus on what really matters. Click To Tweet

Let’s focus more on God’s Truth as revealed in His word, on being joyfully Spirit-filled rather than worldly weary.

When we focus on living in the light of eternity, it will help others to see God at work in and through us.

And when we do, God will tenderly take all the broken pieces of our splintered lives and create a beautiful kaleidoscope pattern that will be a marvel to behold.

focus kaleidoscope pin - WoJWhat helps you to shift your focus away from negativity?

How do you focus on seeing life clearly?

I’m joining fellow five-minute-friday word wranglers over at Kate Motaung’s site today where our focus is to pin words on a page in five minutes flat. This week’s prompt is ‘focus’. Β Also linking with Barbie for #WeekendWhispers and with Mel for #essentialfridays.

26 thoughts on “Focus on seeing life clearly”

    1. Hi Sarah, it’s good to meet you! Yes, it definitely does “help keep the road ahead of us clear” when we seek to focus on our faith and what God is revealing to us from His word. Thanks for visiting. πŸ™‚

  1. Joy, this is special for me as my focus has been caring for myself during this trial of physical health issues and knowing who I am in God. I doubt and shiver in those alleys of fear. Reading His Word and lifting my voice to Him in prayer are two ways I leave the dark and fearful places. Thanks for this pertinent piece…I know…you wrote it just for me!! : )
    I love the photo of the blue kaleidoscope!
    ~ linda

    1. Linda, I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with physical health issues because I know only too well how draining they can be. You are already doing the best thing possible to help yourself to be free from alleyways of fear. Reading the Bible, absorbing and receiving its truth and offering our lives up to God in prayer all help enormously. They strengthen our faith and enable us to view the trials of life from God’s perspective as we also rest in His provision for them. Yes, my friend, maybe I did write this just for you! And if so, I am truly grateful to be a means by which you are blessed. I’m so glad you stopped by. Praying for you as you seek to recover from these health challenges and fully comprehend who you already are in Christ. Blessings of rest and peace to you.

  2. “And when we do, God will tenderly take all the broken pieces of our splintered lives and create a beautiful kaleidoscope pattern that will be a marvel to behold.” Such beautiful words joy. I relate to the process – and the hard and the beauty of it. I jumped right over here from Laurie’s most recent post. .

    1. Carol, I am thankful to have received those affirming words. They ministered to my soul too. And I agree that the process of becoming whole has its “hard and beauty” side as you say – what an apt way to describe it! So pleased to see you here, friend. Feel free to jump over again! Bless you for stopping by.

  3. Your writing is beautiful. I agree it’s too easy to get lost in a “fog of forgetfulness.” It’s so important to intentionally focus on God’s Word and it’s truth to keep a right perspective.

    1. Carly, you centre in on the key thing with these words: “It’s so important to intentionally focus on God’s Word and its truth to keep a right perspective.” Amen, my friend! Blessed to have you sharing your insights and adding to the conversation here.

  4. Something as simple as a walk, or spontaneous dance, any kind of robust movement, really, reawakens me from my (usually self-induced) funk. Physicality can remind me we’re fearfully and wonderfully made, and cherished by the Maker.

    1. Oh to be able to release physically like that, Laurie! It sounds heavenly and truly helpful to soothe the soul and see life with new eyes. Robust movement is not something I’ve been capable of for years but I love the idea of it for clearing cobwebs. We are indeed “fearfully and wonderfully made, and cherished by the Maker.” May you continue to enjoy creation through physicality and pour your soulful thoughts into the beautiful poetry you write. Thanks for stopping by and reminding me of simple ways in which we can gain a renewed faith and life perspective. I’m blessed to see you here! πŸ™‚

  5. I so identify with all those “dark alleyways of anxiety and corners of comparison.” And those longings to allow God’s healing truth to define who we really are. This line especially warms my heart with hope – “God will tenderly take all the broken pieces of our splintered lives and create a beautiful kaleidoscope pattern that will be a marvel to behold.” Thank you so much, Joy. You have such a creative gift with words. I love how your words always paint pictures in my mind and heart. Know that you remain in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings and hugs to you!

    1. Trudy, much as I fervently wish you didn’t share similar brokenness, I love how we are fellow sojourners on this journey toward greater healing and wholeness. If the words here have warmed your heart with hope then you have an inkling into how your own do that for me too. You are always in my thoughts and prayers and I greatly value the friendship we share. Blessings and hugs to you!

  6. Beautifully worded, Joy.

    As I write this, things are beyond awful, and the amount of pain feels like I’m being methodically bludgeoned to death. It’s hard to FEEL loved.

    But I know that I am, because I have been entrusted with a Duty, and have been told, in no uncertain terms, to get on with it. The situation may not be survivable – and it isn’t – but the expectation that I do my job is not mitigated.

    That is a form of Love.

    #2 at FMF this week, I think.

    1. Andrew, my heart leaps whenever I see you here. With things the way they are for you, it is heart-warming to see you being as ‘active’ as possible. I’m awed and amazed at the way you continue to read posts, interact and engage with others while life is “beyond awful” for you and pain is so excruciating. You bring the light and love of Christ into every painfully drawn out word you share on your own blog and elsewhere. It is humbling and inspiring too because you reveal such courage in the face of death. Yet we all live within its boundaries here and need a reminder of how to face it and be as proactive we can be while God grants us life and breath. You and Barbara remain in my thoughts and prayers. May you have some relief from the unrelenting nature of the serious symptoms you are experiencing. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to visit and leave a comment. I really appreciate it. Bless you, friend.

  7. Lovely post, Joy. It is so true that what we focus on will determine so much of the course of our day. May we focus on Him who is constantly at work in our lives yet sees us as we will be. Blessings to you!

    1. Hi Joanne. Thanks for stopping by! It’s so true that “what we focus on will determine the course of our day.” Experience has taught me how negativity can impact a life and make it hard to hear God’s voice, whereas a positive, biblical mindset better positions us to live and love well for Him. Blessings to you too! πŸ™‚

  8. Such leading words, Joy! As I was driving this morning, my glasses fogged over and the sun was shining right in my blind spot and I had a moment where I wanted to panic…I couldn’t see. I was praying the whole way because I was unfamiliar with the road anyway and I heard His heart say, keep going…trust me.
    That is what’s need to do….Trust!!

    Blessings friend!

    1. Oh how apt is that? Having your glasses become misted by fog was a clear indicator of how our focus can become cloudy at times and we fail to clearly discern the way ahead. I love how the Lord used that experience to speak words of affirmation to you. Yes, trusting where and when we cannot clearly see the way ahead is what faith is all about because we trust the One who can see and knows the way far better than we ever could. Keep going, Dawn. You’ll stay on track when you listen for God’s voice and obey what He is showing you to do! Bless you for sharing your story here, friend.

  9. The perfect expression of focus, JOY. God’s word is what renews our mind, and helps us to think and view things correctly, which, hopefully causes us to act correctly, as ambassadors of Christ. Have a blessed weekend, friend!

    1. June, it’s a lifelong journey to have our minds renewed, isn’t it? Each new step of faith requires surrender to God’s ways rather than our own. Blessed as always to see you here, my friend!

  10. The cares of this world so easily bring my focus away from the Lord and all that He is doing that is good in my life. Thank you for sharing this timely word at #weekendwhispers.

    1. I can relate to how “the cares of this world so easily bring my focus away from the Lord”, Barbie. It doesn’t take much to distract our wayward hearts or sink them into discouragement. But the good news is that God is always at hand when we do see the error of our ways and turn to Him. I’m glad this was a timely word for you, friend, and it’s an honour to participate in #weekendwhispers with you.

  11. Such a good reminder! It is all about the lens we choose to view are life from – positive or negative. It is also where our focus tends to rest. Praying we all know God is the only clear lens to the truth. Blessings on your week!

    1. Mary, I join you in your prayer to know “God is the only clear lens to the truth.” Amen! I’m always encouraged and blessed by your visits here. Sorry for the delayed reply. It’s been one of my more challenging weeks health-wise and I’m a bit slow to catch up with things. Thank you for your grace.

    1. Hi Lynette. Thank you for your sweet comment. Sorry that it’s taken me longer than usual to reply. I appreciate you stopping by and enjoyed reading your post too. Bless you for your patience! πŸ™‚

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