Discovering quiet in the midst of busyness

How do you find quiet as you deal with an intrusive, noisy-busy world?

What helps you to seek soul solace, rest and peace?

It can be hard if we have nowhere to hide out for a while, or no-one to turn to when we need a gentle listening ear for our pain.

God alone knows what we need, deep in our hearts, what benefits us most.

I find quietening my soul before God is the best medicine whenever I am hurting or overwhelmed. Click To Tweet

In pursuing quiet I inevitably sink into solitude, rest in its silent depths.

Being away from disturbance and distraction means I can better focus on God’s presence with me and within me.

And that is so needful when heart and mind are often restless and easily turned away from peace.

My soul desires to quieten and connect with the flow of Living Water, swim in its healing stream. Click To Tweet

My mind begins to align with the Divine and my spirit seeks unity with the sacred.

I make room to remember, a place to pause and space to simply Be.

With five-minute-friday writing, we’re in a supportive community yet each offering springs from a time of private, attentive quiet. Here’s what I received today…

A quest for quiet

a quest for quiet WoJ

Today I hear wind whipping wild around

the house like a roaring lion, intent

on chasing its own disappearing tail

following a diversionary trail


I seek the sanctuary of silence

My soul craves quiet above all

Finding it in the midst of moments

where I make room for God’s presence


Because when we take time to listen

we aim to subdue outer and inner

noise, clamour of the world

jarring harsher than any wind


I pause, ponder and pray a while, noticing

how quiet pervades these everyday

encounters as we dance with the divine

Imbuing them with holy significance


as we calm our souls to quiet within

There we find restoration and peace

for our hurried and harried hearts

Although quiet can seem an unlikely

quest in the middle of busyness


But I am learning how to spiritually

still my soul, developing quiet

as a necessary, inner rest that can

soothe, remake and mend me best


In the quiet we hear our own heartache sounding loud but we also hear God's still, small voice. Click To Tweet

And if we lean in and listen well we receive His whispering comfort to our souls.

Joining in quietly here with fellow #FMF writers sharing their words on this week’s theme of ‘quiet’ over at Kate Motaung’s place. Also linking with Barbie at Whispers of Grace for #WeekendWhispers. You’re warmly invited to join us.

14 thoughts on “Discovering quiet in the midst of busyness”

    1. Thank you, Joanna. They often seem to spring from reflecting on painful things, so it’s good to know you sense “quiet and rest” for your soul as you read them. God takes my words and makes sure they achieve what they need to! Bless you, my friend.

  1. Hi Joy – thank you for your lovely post on being quiet. I am so grateful to God for teaching me the importance of ‘being’ rather than always racing around doing through illness a few years ago. Your post has reminded me of that much-needed lesson.
    (Good to see two ACWers doing FMF!)

    1. Hi Mandy. It’s lovely to see you here! Thanks for visiting. I’ve also found myself responding to chronic illness by ‘being’ more than ‘doing’, even though my natural tendencies are to press in and press on with things. It has taken a few years of realising my health problems imposed severe limitations to make me settle for a more sedentary lifestyle. And longer still before I was able to finally rest my restless soul more completely in the Lord. When we’re somewhat constrained and confined by illness it can become a vehicle whereby we learn how to be still and know God in a different way. Such rich fruit is a blessing birthed out of adversity. I’m a regular #FMF writer. It’s a great creative exercise and a wonderful community to connect with, isn’t it?

    1. Thank you, Tara! I always enjoy you stopping by, and I really enjoyed your words on ‘quiet’. Reflective and refreshing. Bless you, friend.

  2. Beautiful as always Joy. I love the still, quiet moments.
    Love your poems as well. Thank you for sharing your heart.
    Blessings xx

    1. Hello Tanya. Thank you SO much for taking the time and trouble to leave a lovely comment here! I’m really happy to see you and to know you love the still, quiet moments as well as my poems. Hope you are keeping as well as possible. Blessings of rest, strength, peace and quiet to you, my friend. Xx

  3. There is nothing like the quiet and calm of God’s still, small voice. Beautifully soothing words to carry me through this Sunday evening! Thank you for the blessing of your God-infused words.

    1. Mary, if you have found some words to soothe your soul then my work here is done! I’m always awed and grateful for the way our received “God-infused words” have a life of their own as they find a home in the heart of our readers. Thinking of you and the burdens you are currently bearing. May you discover pockets of peace in the midst of life’s busyness in the days ahead. Blessings, hugs and prayers.

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