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life and faith living with M.E


  Go on, you know you can’t resist it. You just have to sneak a look. Who doesn’t want to at least check on their appearance from time to time? If only to have a running dialogue with themselves such as: I look a fright My hair’s a mess Are …
life and faith living with M.E


Today’s focus is on labels. Now, just in case you think you may have inadvertently stumbled onto a sartorially savvy fashionista site by mistake – and are hastily checking your clothing/bags/items in general for their worthiness or otherwise – let me hasten to reassure you it’s not those sort of labels I have in …
living with M.E poetry

Another world

Hi there, I don’t know about you, but I can easily lose myself in a book. When I’m reading I enter another world created for me by the author. And I tend to lose track of my surroundings in the process – sorry, did you speak? My main regret is …
living with M.E poetry

Run out of steam?

 Illness can derail many of us. Perhaps you are somebody who is firing on all cylinders? I hope so. Or you may have periods in the day when you are ‘up and at ’em’ and others where you slump wearily and are desperate for the next caffeine fix or – even just …
living with M.E poetry

How does your garden grow?

 Hi, Thanks for paying a visit to my plot – not the garden pictured here, I hasten to add, but rather my place of productivity and creativity as a poet/writer. In this summer season that speaks of growth, variety and fruitfulness in our surroundings, I would like to ask you a …

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