Sabbath rest

By quiet waters

Our hearts long for peace. Though rest and ease don’t always come easily.

We live with restlessness pervading our inner and outer world.

Conflict and battle. Wars and rumours of wars.

Loved ones are conscripted or voluntarily go to war.

Accidents, injury, permanent disability and death may result from the conflict.

This is a day for silent reflection as we join our friends across the pond in considering those who paid the ultimate price to secure our freedom.

To draw near to the Prince of Peace and receive His restoration.

Sit by quiet waters and refreshing streams of grace.

Meditate on all our blessings, allow gratitude to seep in and soothe us, bringing some solace to wounded hearts and minds.


4 thoughts on “By quiet waters”

    1. Such days lend themselves to these thoughts, Chanda, because our hearts long for peace and see so little of it in a world full of pain and strife. Though we have much to look forward to when Jesus returns as King and "Prince of Peace", to rule and reign on earth. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. God bless you and grant you His peace, my friend.

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