Butterflies, books and blessings

 I seem to be turning into butterfly-woman, or at least have developed more of a butterfly mind recently which is easily attracted and distracted by turns.

My new tendency is to flit from book to book, pausing to savour a hint of its flavour before I move on to another.

Books beckon to us. They may call insistently like a whiny child or lure siren-seductively with an irresistible boldness.

Others whisper soft and insinuate themselves around our hearts. We feel crushed to come to the end of their words.

Those we need to work through cause stopping pauses for reflection as well as working on the suggested activities or questions.

I’ve been dipping in and out of the ‘read, pause, ponder, pray and respond’ type over the last few weeks, hence my somewhat distracted manner.

But fruit is appearing as I am being inspired to delve deep into soul territory and to unleash new areas of creativity.

And you, dear reader, can taste a tidbit here as I share a story from my childhood memories.


“Huge yellow teeth grinning inanely within a mouth cavernous and dangerously close to my shaking hands, I proffer the fruit as homage, offering. It is snaffled noisily.

Breath puffs out in snorts and starts from flared nostrils, making smoky circles in the air.

I’m entranced by a fine conker-shiny coat, by swish of thick whiplash tail, by nodding of head and stamping of hooves.

Horses were a rarity for me. City living doesn’t suit them.

No place we lived in had room for more than a couple of cats, a cage of pet mice, small bowl of goldfish and some budgerigars. And most of them vanished when we moved into a flat with no garden of our own.

Even a field looks far too small to contain this boisterous frame, this much compressed energy.

Smell of shoe leather assails my nose as saddle is hoisted into place, bit and bridle attached, reins close to catch hold of. We’re ready to ride. At least this magnificent beast is. I’m scared and exhilarated by turns.

Heart thumping like a terrified caged bird, I obey instruction, swing shaky legs over saddle and find myself seated on hardness, close to glistening flank and fearsome head. Breathe… breathe… it will be OK.

We begin to move. Tentative at first. A gentle trot, nice and easy. I watch, listen and learn as my experienced companion urges me on. And wonder takes over. Look at me ~ I’m riding a horse! 

We emerge from the field and hit gravel. Tarmac tilts me differently and clip-clop sounds become more pronounced. I cling on as we move forward with increasing momentum. Try to stay calm as we begin to canter a little.

I sense the weight of horse muscle and power between my legs. And I feel out of control, at the mercy of this great beast, even as I take the reins in a closer grip, sweat trickling down my spine.

Life seems more intense somehow, scenery seen from a higher perspective, senses alert with adrenaline. A child’s eye view now skewed by an equine ride.

All too soon the prancing, dancing giddiness of it comes to an end and I slide away from my carrier.

I bask in admiration for the way he lives, moves and has his being, and how, for a short moment in time, I could be a small part of it all.”


It’s been a while since I’ve written about my past, or done so in a positive way. All it took was a creative exercise prompt and the memory here flooded back.

It was prompted by reading ‘Spin – Taking Your Creativity to the Nth Degree’ by Claire Burge.
Our minds are rich storehouses, replete with randomness which can become ripe and renewed to our senses as God brings things to remembrance.
God was working in my life when I was a child. I have no doubt that even then He began to get me to see experiences through the lens of grace, and to mark my memory with good events that will eventually outweigh the bad as I allow them to surface.
And He’s continuing to do just that as He teaches you and I to live mindfully and be aware of His hand in everything.
You may not remember much that was good about your childhood. Neither did I for many years.
However, a snatch of a song, a few poetic words, a smell, a sight, sound or word prompt may be all it takes to release those beautiful butterfly moments when summer seemed endless and experiences were ripe for plucking and savouring.


And as we seek to follow after God’s heart, He encourages us to live in the moment with awareness and gratitude for His continual goodness and grace.

In due time, God will bring events to mind as a way of informing the present and aid His work in shaping us for the future.

*NOTE* ~  Friends, please let me know in the comments below if you would like to read more childhood remembrances. I am very  slowly tackling some memoir writing. And because this is a departure from the norm for me here, I really value your opinion. Thank you! 🙂

Over to you:
How is God helping you to re-frame your childhood through the lens of His grace?
Have you had any positive memories surfacing at unlikely moments?
And are you learning to live more mindfully than you may have done before?

6 thoughts on “Butterflies, books and blessings”

  1. Absolutely loved this post; your memories so beautifully evoked. Wonderful. Yes: as you know, I've had a really rough time of it recently and, throughout the whole time, I had positive memories randomly popping in to my head a lot – at least a few times a day, a memory would wander in, cheer me up, give me hope and then disappear as quickly as it had arrived. They definitely helped me keep afloat. And led me down the path of wanting to living more mindfully…..it was/is a beautiful experience….one I am beginning to be convinced was sent by God. [I was speaking to a lady the other day who'd moved to the Netherlands from South America to live with her husband. She found the country drab and depressing, especially in Winter, and then became the victim of domestic abuse. She told me that during the very worst of it all, she began to dream the most beautiful, colourful dreams…..they became her lifeline…..she said had she not had those dreams, she most likely would have done something unthinkable…and she said she definitely felt the dreams had been sent to her by God, that they were His way of speaking to her]. Beautiful, no?

    1. Helen, I absolutely love your visits! You are such a great encourager. And the story you shared was both riveting and beautiful. I'm convinced God drops these things into our dreams or sinks them into our subconscious mind in order to give us hope and encouragement just when we need it.
      I really enjoyed your post about a reverse bucket list and reading about the amazing things you have done and seen. It seems to have given you a fresh perspective on events and renewed gratitude. May you continue to be kept afloat in the rivers of His reflective goodness and find solace in seeing life through a lens of grace. Blessings of peace to you, my friend. 🙂 x

  2. Hi Joy, what a wonderful post. I love it, from one flit-here-flit-there book friend to another, it resonates with me beautifully, the childhood memories, all of it. Your writing is captivating and I would love to read more.

    1. Hi Liana. I'm relieved to know I'm not the only schizophrenic-style reader around! So many books, so little time, eh? Thank you so much for your kind encouragement. I will try to include more of these positive childhood memories in future posts. Bless you for leaving a lovely comment. 🙂 x

    1. Hi Helen. Thanks very much for stopping by. I appreciate your encouragement to continue with the memoir style posts. There will be more! Bless you, my friend. 🙂 x

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