Broken hearts..broken lives

Welcome. You are invited to consider something important with me today.

If we look at the image here it is a recognisable symbol of a broken heart and probably a broken dream to accompany it.

Familiar to many.

Most of us try to hide our pain, our brokenness, as best we can. Others literally ‘wear their hearts on their sleeves’.

Last night I was privy to another person’s pain and I couldn’t ignore it.

When a Twitter message entered my stream it roused a degree of curiosity and concern. I tried to ignore it and read on. But I felt compelled to take it seriously. 

It purported to be a note of intention to commit suicide.

I read it
I replied
I thought.
I prayed.
I wrote a poem.

The thoughts wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t ignore it.

During the course of my nursing career, and through personal experience in the family, I have witnessed and been affected by people who have had intentions of self-harm and suicidal tendencies.

Very sadly, some have been successful in following through with their intentions. Each left an indelible mark on those left behind.

All of us need to realise – ‘there but for the grace of God go you or I’

Most of us have experienced a broken heart or broken relationships to some degree or other. Discouragement is common and Depression too.

We live in a fractured, selfish, ‘It’s all about me’, driven sort of world that often has little patience, time or sympathy for the hurting. Our cries for help may be overlooked by carelessness alone, never mind indifference.

We may have to make an effort to stretch out a hand of support, comfort or empathy to:

Those who may be unemployed, sick, poor, marginalised, lonely, lost and weak, devastated by circumstances beyond their control.

Yet God wants to bestow on us ‘a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair’ ~ Isaiah 61:3

It helps to know that there is no pit so deep that God cannot pull us out of – if we surrender to His care.

Take your pain to Him – He can handle it and bring relief, peace and strength. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.
The poem below is not sweet, nor polished or easy to read. You might want a stiff coffee or something first.

It is a raw attempt to see into the mind of a potentially suicidal person, through the power of imagination, and feel their pain.

Suicide is commoner than we might like to think. Our young people are particularly vulnerable to it, but all age groups are at risk.

We are all connected by virtue of our humanity. Could we be the ones to answer someone’s heart-felt cry?

‘To Whom it may Concern’



I’m reaching out,
my soul is bared.
A message sent – 
As if you cared.
Cry from the heart,
rending tears that fall.
In a silent whisper – 
“Do you heed my call?”
What does it take
to shake your core?
Given all I have –
I can do no more.
Too many voices,
clamouring for Attention.
Why should I think – 
I would get a Mention?
A letter’s been penned;
It could even be read.
Though by the time that happens –
I just might be Dead.

4 thoughts on “Broken hearts..broken lives”

  1. "…We live in a fractured, selfish, 'It's all about me', driven sort of world that often has little patience, time or sympathy for the hurting…"

    Joy, I feel like I know exactly what you're saying here. My best friend's mother was killed by his own father who later turned the gun on himself; a cousin took his own life because the pills and whisky told him to pull the trigger; my community has been ravaged by far too many who chose to end their own lives.

    Afterwards, people always feel bad for a while and wonder "is there something I could have done that would have made a difference?" Maybe. But because we all wait rather than acting on the compassion and the nudging of the Holy Spirit, we may never know.

    Thank you for this beautiful post about an ugly topic.

    1. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to respond with this personal reflection, Amanda. I appreciate your comments.

      It is often hard to know how to react and respond to life's painful issues – whether they affect us personally or happen at a distance. However, if Jesus is to be Lord over every aspect of our lives, then we may need to be taken out of our comfort zones and allow our hearts to break with what breaks His.

      Compassion has many forms and faces yet is frequently the face and hands of Christ to a needy, hurting world that longs for understanding and love to be seen in action.

  2. This is a beautiful compassionate post Joy! Having attempted suicide myself many years ago and then later bringing my younger sister through two attempts to take her own life I can empathize both with the person who inspired you to write this post and with your feelings at wanting so desperately to reach out and help someone who is in such pain that they would consider taking their own life.

    You have a calling Joy, I'm sure of it! I feel that one day I will be browsing in the Christian book shop and there you will be! 🙂

    God bless you my friend

    Kimmie x

    1. Dear Kimmie, I so appreciate you reading this and leaving such a lovely comment. What a friend you are! What lies in the future is in God's hands but I will always try to be true to the calling He places on my heart. I fully expect to see your name in the Christian book shop in the future as you certainly have a heart of compassion for those who are hurting and a great personal story to share. God bless you too as you develop your own gifting 🙂

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