beginning: finding a way to write freely again

I’m beginning again. Standing on the edge with trepidation, preparing to dip my toes into the water. I’m making marks on a blank page, where thoughts begin to unravel in a way of their choosing, loose like string. Maybe a few pearls can be strung together, or maybe I’ll just peg out a word or two.

My hope is to knit them together well, though a white expanse of nothingness still has power to daunt and stall, rather than excite and propel words forward as I want it to. A longish gap since I’ve been regularly writing here has left me feeling a bit nervous as I hover at the thresh-hold, hoping the welcome will be warm.

Because I spent last month being busy over at ‘Poetry Joy’ , where I wrote a series about journeying into joy. It was initially meant to be housed here but technology’s frustrating hitches and glitches got the better of me, and I had to vacate this space for a while.

So I’m settling in slowly, finding my feet again, while aiming to defeat the dragon of discouragement which snaps at the heels of every writer, looking for an opportunity to distract and derail them.

Here's the thing: for a writer, too much introspection kills inspiration #writingtip Click To Tweet

Here’s the thing: for a writer, too much introspection kills inspiration. We need to be receptive, relaxed and ready, not stressed and stalled by over-thinking. A free-flow style of writing occurs as we let loose and see where our pen/notebook/PC lead us, maybe as we journal or write ‘morning pages’.

Seeing becomes hazy when the light of revelation is halted. I am feeling my way through a fog of forgetfulness, knowing as I faithfully continue that memory and words will be sparked again. Hesitancy or perceived need for perfection stutters our words like a shutter descending.

Hesitancy or perceived need for perfection stutters our words like a shutter descending Click To Tweet

We will remember to be free with phraseology once the inner critic has been silenced. It’s enough for now, in times of less fluidity, to simply show up, be faithful to the art of being present to our art and to our readers.

God has never failed me, and He won’t let you down either. What we see as writers’ block is more often a signal to rest than a call to desist. We don’t lose the gift, though it may feel like it when we’re too tired to think straight or write much.

What we see as writers' block is more often a signal to rest than a call to desist #writing Click To Tweet

Words may scurry around like impatient ants losing their way. But it’s okay, we can still give them ground, because soon there will be real work for them to do. A new beginning is never as scary as it seems. It suggests a fresh start, and that’s a beautiful grace gift from God.


Let’s aim to view a new season as an unexplored adventure of faith, an opening for fresh inspiration to arrive, a gift just waiting to be unwrapped. Some ideas are beginning to form, though I’m not completely sure what my focus will be over the coming weeks and months. But I am sure God is continually leading, guiding, inspiring and shaping our lives and our creative process as we surrender everything to Him.

God is leading, guiding, inspiring and shaping our lives as we surrender everything to Him Click To Tweet

Thank you so much for being here, for your beautiful, faithful presence. I’ve missed you! And even if I have written mostly about writing and creativity today, my goal remains the same: to encourage you on your journey of life and faith.

I’d love to know how you feel about new beginnings. Feel free to share in the comments below. Thank you. 🙂

4 thoughts on “beginning: finding a way to write freely again”

  1. Oh, I find myself identifying with these thoughts so much this week: “Words may scurry around like impatient ants losing their way.” What a fun picture to lay alongside my errant thoughts! But I am so thankful that our Lord is always leading us on to those new beginnings, and fresh adventures. Thank you for sharing such encouraging words; they truly are a beacon of light for so many of us who read them! –Blessings and Hugs!

    1. Bettie, I’m glad you can relate to this imagery! Though I often write in different coloured pens, black is the usual one and it struck me how my badly scrawled words penned with painful hands often look like little ants on a white page. Our efforts to write sometimes result in a mess but it is always worth saving and gathering the scribbles together. Because those few lines could form a poem one day, that phrase which stays could yet become a paragraph on a page. As we learn to value the wait and the waffle stage, I believe we will sense God’s hand at work all along. Bless you for reading and sharing your welcome thoughts here! xo

  2. “Words may scurry around like impatient ants losing their way.” That’s how scattered my thoughts can get, too, sometimes, Joy. I think introspection and perfection often block my creativity and inspiration. Words don’t flow easily for me. I want so much for my writing to give God glory, and I worry too much that I might be writing too much to my own glory. I should just quietly rest in Him and trust Him more that He will give me the right words. You always have such inspiring words, my friend. 🙂 Thank you. For some reason I didn’t get notice of your post in my email. I saw one that merely said “test.” Today I decided to check if you did actually post yesterday. And here it is! 🙂 Blessings and hugs to you!

    1. Trudy, you could have been speaking of me here: ” I think introspection and perfection often block my creativity and inspiration”, because that’s often a stumbling block for me, too. How easy it is to get derailed by such distractions! Having read your blog posts for some time now, I don’t think you have any need to fear. It’s pretty clear to me that your intentions are always God-honouring and the posts offer such uplifting, inspiring and encouraging words that truly speak to the heart of all who read them. You have a beautiful gift for connection, my friend, and God is using you for His glory!
      Sorry about the technical hitches. 🙁 Comments failed to show up again and I had to try leaving a ‘test’ one each time I tested a plug-in to try to assess the problem. So it’s rather weird that you got an email like that. My server had been down and it wiped out the repairs made beforehand, plus it meant I wasn’t sure if emails were being sent as they should be. Writing may have its challenges but it’s far easier for me than site management! Bless you for your perseverance, kind friend! xox

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