Awakening to the whisper of God’s voice

Our hearts long to know we’re not alone.

Someone out there cares.

We are more than a number.

We count. We matter.

And we matter most of all to God.

He is continually speaking to us. Eager to gain our listening ear.

God is desirous to impart the wild Love of His heart, the wisdom of His ways and the awesome revelation of His grace.

He longs for us to make room for His voice in our lives.

In the quiet chambers of our hearts we can hear holy whispers if we pause to listen Click To Tweet

Sense the divine Presence, His soft footsteps.

God’s voice is a gentle whisper; He doesn’t scream or shout to gain our attention.

Although the cross was a megaphone to rouse a deaf world.

A necessary breaking through our spiritually sleeping state, an invasion of God’s grace.

And now? It’s mainly through Jesus that we hear Him, through His Word written and made flesh as God Incarnate manifest.

It’s in attentive listening. In deliberately turning off and away from the world’s noise.

It's in the daily that we hear God. In creation's breathed out beauty, in life's thrum Click To Tweet

And in its daily heartbeat where we learn to awaken to the whisper of His Presence.

Awakening to the whisper…

a-stilling-of-the-soul- prayer whisper WoJ-file

I sense a whisper

and I strain to listen because

it’s falling soft as heaven’s breath

warm as Love’s caress

refreshing drop of rain from

heart to heart is calling.


Whether it’s sweet encouragement,

comfort or challenge, revealing

our position in grace with loving

admonition bringing inner

healing, there’s no alteration

from the calm manner in

which it is gently given.


It’s not my outer ear

where the whisper is received

but deeper in my spirit

where I will pay it heed.


Sometimes a whisper will arrive

by the perusal of Your word

when I sense a leaping

in my heart where these things

are usually stirred.


At other times I wait with great

anticipation while in prayer

knowing something relevant

to my situation is what You

so often long to share.


However the whisper of Your voice

reaches me, I desire to hear each word

that’s given and I write it down

eagerly, to be seen and heard

again for future help in living.


Very often I have found

a whisper makes a louder

sound as it resonates within

like leaven, becoming bread

to share as gift of manna

with sister and with brother

like dewdrops from heaven.


awakening to whisper poem WoJ

With today’s poetic offering we’ve reached day 26 of write-31-days with five-minute-free-writes for the month of October. It has been quite an adventure of faith to see how God has inspired, equipped and enabled me to write more than usual. I’m so thankful for His grace and for you being here too. Bless you for reading, friend! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Awakening to the whisper of God’s voice”

  1. “God is desirous to impart the wild Love of His heart, the wisdom of His ways and the awesome revelation of His grace.” I love this reminder, Joy. As I read this, it struck me how amazing it is that God is “desirous to impart.” He longs to give His love, wisdom, and grace infinitely more than we long to receive. Quietly waiting for His whispers with you! Blessings and hugs!

    1. Yes, Trudy, how thankful we are that the initiative for receiving God’s grace comes completely from Him! Without God’s relentless love seeking after our hearts we would be poor indeed because “He longs to give His love, wisdom and grace infinitely more than we long to receive.” Our stubborn, wayward hearts need Holy Spirit ignition to turn them toward our heavenly Father. May you hear all God longs to impart to you, my friend, as you quietly wait for His whispered words. Blessings and hugs. x

  2. Glad you are writing more – this is a beautiful post – and helpful too.
    i love how you slipped a little CS Lewis in – “a megaphone rouse a deaf world”…….. and this line: “an invasion of God’s grace.” thank you for pressing on to bring us God’s word to you, and then through you – to us!

    Bev. ox

    1. Thanks, Bev! It has been a month of extra activity here and I am putting out one more post tomorrow before taking a bit of a break. Although I also have a poem scheduled for on Wednesday as my last contribution to the #write31days writing challenge this month. I’d love you to browse around the archives here at your leisure and consider subscribing if you like what you see. I’m aiming to build a supportive community here as I share my life and faith journey. It would be an honour to have your company and insightful interaction. I truly appreciate your lovely comment. Blessings and love. xo

  3. Hi Joy – so glad you are writing more – thank you for this post.

    I appreciate how you are pressing on to bring us God’s word TO you and then THROUGH you, to us.


    1. That’s good to know, June. I’m happy to have inspired you by my words! May you be abundantly blessed in turning off the world’s noise for a while and tuning into God’s voice.

      1. Thanks, Bev. I’m always blessed when I come away from life’s busyness and try to listen closer to God’s voice. He is ever faithful! 🙂

  4. I am enjoying reading your posts. When a person has or is suffering ordeals of heartache or pain, loss of any kind. actually. If they allow themselves to hear the voice of the Lord speaking to them, there is healing for soul and spirit. So many have not experienced that as yet.
    Thank you for your words of Joy. There is healing in your thoughts.

    1. Linda, it’s good to know you’re gleaning some good thoughts in my posts. And I definitely agree with you about this: “there is healing for soul and spirit” in hearing prayer whispers from the Lord. It’s sad that so many fail to sense them. Maybe it’s because they have ruled out the thought of God speaking to them directly, and therefore find it hard to hear and receive. But when we do come with open hearts and minds, God finds a way to ensure that we hear from Him. Thank you for reading through the archives. I’m so encouraged to hear that my posts are speaking to you. Blessings. 🙂 x

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