An open door

May sounds like a portent, a promise, potential and permission given.

There’s a beckoning, an urging and an invitation. New life is burgeoning.

The question is:Are we listening, and how will we respond?

As we enter this new month I’m reflecting on some timely words God gave me last night:

“Resist revisiting the past or feeling fearful about the future. All you have is Now. This moment matters.

There is grace for today; you cannot borrow from tomorrow. Rest secure in sensing My Presence at work right where you are”

These shape my response to the word ‘door’ for today’s foray into five-minute-friday writing.


Change alarms me, even as I crave alteration in my circumstances.

Somehow, a deep sense of loss hovers close and a sentimental clinging tight leaves me with closed hands and mind.

Just last week, I finally relinquished a seedy settee to make way for a supportive, comfy chair (with built-in massage facility, no less), and it was a big deal for me.

It was bought on-line, unseen, untested, untried, and still hasn’t arrived… gulp!

The new chair will (hopefully!) bring some needful pain relief and yet.. I was so used to the old and I felt sad to lose it.

Memories were written into every sinking crease and sag.

I’m reluctant to let go, although I have to. Life moves in circles and cycles.

Without the letting go we are not free to embrace the new, next and better thing God has planned.

A door of opportunity stands open, always ajar, an invitation of grace.

And yet.. sometimes we cower with fear at the challenge it presents.

Maybe God is asking us to make room, make way for Him today ~ in life, in thought and heart.

Because He continually knocks at the door of our heart with wildly unceasing patience.

Waiting to be allowed in. Seeking to invade each space.

He alone knows what lies ahead and how He desires to bless us with His best.

He alone sees the end from the beginning, gives new birth, new life, new hope.

Will you join me, friends?

Will you say yes to Him today?

Open that door a crack and see His love flood in.

Be washed by waves of grace and mercy.

Because living with open mind, hands and heart is the best way for us, no matter how painful it can often be to open the door to the new.



6 thoughts on “An open door”

    1. Hi Rosanne. It's lovely to meet you! It's often quite a challenge to open the door to the new, but God knows what blessings await us on the other side. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  1. Loved reading your post, Joy. Love how you note that we must relinquish the old to make way for the new (someone told me the other day that this also works for material things – if you make room physically for new things to come, in your home, for example, this will open the way for those new things to enter….it makes sense – entropy)….I've experienced how it feels to be washed with Grace, and it taught me to trust in Him and to leave everything in his hands; since these experiences, I've relinquished worry and fretting about circumstances….I've found that it's miraculous how He works when you let Him! Love the last image (I didn't know the Revelation 3: 20, so thank you for introducing me to that; it's so perfect!)

    1. Helen, as you can see from the settee story above, I need to let material things go too and find it hard to do so. It's lovely to hear how you've experienced being "washed by Grace" and the benefits it brought you. If only we would get out the way and allow God to help us more as you've described! I'm always blessed by your visits. Thank you for adding your own insights to the conversation here, my friend. 🙂 x

    1. No worries, Helen. It was just 'comment moderation' and this weary woman being a bit slow to reply! I've seen and responded to your lovely long comment. Thank you for the encouraging words! Bless you. 🙂 x

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