Always the same

Today I engage in a familiar exercise. It’s time for five-minute-friday where we write out our hearts just the same, week after week, on a different theme.

The prompts vary, the people joining in can change, the way we write is influenced by how we feel and what we’re going through.

Yet these things always remain the same:we love to pour out words; we love being part of a caring, sharing community, and we love to speak about God’s goodness and grace as we witness the way he inspires and encourages us to write brave and free.

So I’m privileged to add my thoughts to the melting pot over at Kate Motaung’s place where I join in with writing about ‘Same’.


Even when grey misty mantle blankets out her radiance, I know sun rises just the same.

Stretching out eager fingers to fill and flood a world with light.

Even if I yearn for different days and can barely move for pain, God is with me just the same.

I sense the comfort of his presence, the awe of his radiance.

I can bask in warming love’s rays on my coldest heart days.

See my earthly span but a pebble in eternity’s vast sea.

There is more to be explored beyond this life. Things don’t have to stay the same.

I hear his whispers on the wind reminding me he’s my closest friend.

Same can feel stifling, achingly real, overly familiar, drudge and drear and toil.

But I can and am changing all the time as I lean on the One who is always faithful, reliable, dependably the same.

His love never falters, whereas mine stutters weak as candle-wick.

His peace is always present for every circumstance.

He is God; he is good; he is for us. My life (and yours) is safe in his hands.

I’ve never been the same since knowing him as Saviour Lord, but I’ll always be the same precious child he’s always loved and adored.

No two people or days are alike, though we remain the same under the skin.

All broken, all wounded, all vulnerable, all needy human beings, all desperate for the renewed life he brings.


“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” – Hebrews 13:8

I’m also joining Barbie for Weekend Whispers where she speaks about the anticipation of seasonal changes and how they remind us that things rarely stay the same, but we can still keep hope alive in the midst of change, no matter what physical or spiritual season we may be in. Do come over and join in the conversation.

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14 thoughts on “Always the same”

  1. Hi Joy! Welcome to WordPress! Love the new site, I hope you are liking it too?

    What an interesting prompt…we are all the same as God’s children, and yet wildly different in experience and life path. I think the Lord made sure we were so alike, so we could still relate to each other in love. And as you said, change is always happening, so there is ‘same’ in change too. It’s a fun concept to think about.

    Thank you for all your encouragement lately, I appreciate seeing you on Twitter. It’s always nice to visit you on your blog too.
    Happy Weekend!

    1. Hi Ceil! Thanks for your lovely, welcoming words and for finding me here. Please feel free to return any time; you’ll always be very welcome! I’m loving WordPress better than Blogger for ‘Words of Joy’ and have been using it for too so it’s fairly familiar to me. I’m enjoying getting used to being in a different place. The only problem has been losing my blog subscribers and having to start again from scratch. But I feel I have more scope for change and room to breathe free as I begin again in this space. I’m always happy to share words that speak to me, and I love to support and encourage my fellow writers too whenever I can. Hope you have a blessed week ahead, my friend. 🙂 x

  2. “All broken, all wounded, all vulnerable, all needy human beings, all desperate for the renewed life he brings.” I’m desperate with you, Joy. “Even when grey misty mantle blankets out her radiance, I know sun rises just the same.” This is so comforting as I think of how even behind the clouds, the Sun of righteousness faithfully arises with healing in His wings. Thank you. Blessings and hugs!

    1. Oh, Trudy, I firmly believe that God rewards our deep heart’s desire to seek after Him, and He stands ready and waiting to bestow renewal and healing on His broken children. It’s the way, and the timing, and the shaping of us as clay that feels painful. Being moulded into a new creation is rarely an overnight process. It can take a lifetime. And through it all we have the reassurance of His constant presence, love and grace. Blessings and hugs to you too!

    1. Yes, how grateful we are for God’s faithfulness, Aritha! It’s something we need continual reminders of because we’re the ones who falter and are at risk of forgetting how steady and reliable He is.

  3. Isn’t it reassuring to know God remains the same despite our brokenness and vulnerability? Not in our strength, but His. Keep trusting and encouraging, beautiful words Joy.

    1. We depend on that reassurance, don’t we, Mandy? Yes, “not in our strength, but His” is the way we live best. Let’s keep trusting, supporting and encouraging one another as we journey together. 🙂 x

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