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Hi, my name is Joy Lenton and I’m a woman walking her way to greater freedom in Christ, leaning heavily on His mercy and grace as I slowly overcome a painful past. On the way, I am also learning how to live well with chronic illness.


I’ve had M.E for over 20 years. It has increased in severity over time, accompanied by Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and Hypermobility Syndrome. Most of the time I am housebound, resting in bed or sitting around in PJs scribbling out poetry or prose.

Due to personal experience of childhood abuse, depression and mental health breakdown, it is my heart’s desire and passion to support other wounded souls. One of the major topics I write about is seeking hope and encouragement in challenging circumstances.

Family and life

I used to be a nurse, running non-stop around a ward most days as well as taking care of my home and family. Now my sons are married, so I have 2 lovely daughters-in-law and a beautiful grandson to dote on too. I also have free time to write, ponder and pray.

My husband is my carer/house-husband/chauffeur/gardener/general dogsbody/ and all round wonderful hero. I am somewhat limited and constrained by my illness, but it doesn’t define who I am or have the final say on my life. God does.


As an avid reader, I’ve always got a book (or three) on the go, some of which I review for NetGalley. I also love spending time with family and friends,  having great conversation and sipping good coffee.

I enjoy capturing memory markers of my days (especially those rare ones when I can get out and about), by taking snapshots of scenery, sunsets and clouds, like this dusk scene in winter below. To see more, please check out my ‘Gallery’ page here.

clouds in winter


Poetry is a major vehicle of self-expression for me, a wonderful medium to connect heart to heart with others and a pretty good way to sum me up!

I’m silver of hair and blue of eye

with my gaze often raised to sky

Tethered to earth, to sickness and pain

Breaking free from guilt and shame

I’m a blood-bought child of grace

whose heart yearns to fully embrace

all the freedom that is seen and found

in Christ, as earth’s chains become unbound

Most of my poetry can be found at my sister blog ‘Poetry Joy’. 

As a contemplative, Christian writer, I have contributed to various sites, including Beloved Prodigal, the Association of Christian Writers (ACW) ‘More than Writers’ and ‘Godspace’ blogs

I’m also the author of the poetic memoir, ‘Seeking Solace: Discovering grace in life’s hard places’. Just click on the link below to check it out. 🙂

seeking solace amazon cover


I aim to write as regularly as God gives me strength, inspiration and words to share, usually weekly. It will be an eclectic mix of things including reflections, devotionals, poetry and prayers.

My main writing ethos at Words of Joy is summed up below

  • Seeking beauty in the midst of adversity
  • Discovering grace in life’s hard places
  • Sharing the hope we have in Christ
  • Finding freedom from a painful past
  • Being open about my life and faith journey
  • Offering encouragement to other wounded souls

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